Diseases and pests of grapes

Diseases and pests of grapes

Vineyard may be affected by various diseases, the number of which exceeds 500 items.

The main pathogens are: viruses, fungi, bacteria, Mycoplasma.

To avoid yield losses, requires a certain care for a vineyard.

Vine diseases – prevention and treatment

The most common diseases and pests that affect grapes:

  • — mildew;
  • — white rot;
  • — oidium;
  • — gray mold;
  • — grozdeva leaf rollers;
  • — bacterial canker;
  • — spotty necrosis;
  • — Anthracnose;
  • — phylloxera;
  • grape mite.

One of the most common and unpleasant diseases of grapes – false-powdery mildew (mildew). It extends to the whole Bush.

Outwardly manifested by the defeat of the leaves, they curl and are covered by an oily film. The period when the plant is most susceptible to this disease, extends the time of flowering and growth of berries the size of a pea.

Therefore, spraying the bushes are exposed to immediately before the appearance of the color, and then after flowering every three weeks until mid-July. Drugs suitable for the prevention of this disease: «MikaL», «Strobi», «EPAL».

Another common disease of grape crops – powdery mildew or oidium. Manifested by the presence of black spots on the leaves, the falling of the ovaries and berries.

The hallmark of this disease is the smell of rotting fish. Development of mildew contribute to the heat and lack of rain. Prevention and treatment of powdery mildew – a big spraying of the vineyard to the period of beginning of flowering.

The causative agent of such diseases as white mold spends winter on the remains of plants and spoiled berries. The main development of the disease gets in the absence of ventilation of the bushes.

Ill be berries, covered with dirty-white spots, which eventually lose their juice, pucker up and fall off. If the autumn is characterized by heavy rains, you can lose up to 70% of the harvest.

How to protect grapes from diseases

To protect plants and future crops of grapes, you must create the right conditions for growth, flowering and ripening of berries. The vineyard should be well publicized, bushes ventilated and in a timely manner to tie up.

Be sure to monitor the absence of weeds, spoiled fruits and unhealthy greens. Spraying preparations should be done several times per season: pre flowering, after the formation of ovaries and after reaching the berries of the size of 5-6 mm in diameter.

To protect the grapes from the butterflies and caterpillars should burn the remaining crop residues.

Disease resistant grape varieties

Varieties and hybrids of grape culture displayed a huge number. There are varieties of this plant, which are able

Diseases and pests of grapes

to confront the major pathogens of the most common diseases.

Among these varieties:

  • — «Buffalo»;
  • — «Pineapple»;
  • — «Dniester Pink»;
  • — «Chasselas North»;
  • «Sustainable gold»;
  • — «Northern Saperavi»;
  • — «Liang»; «The Nominated Person»;
  • — «The red»;
  • — «The Moldavian color».

All these grapes are well tolerated of the disease and give a good harvest. Maybe some of them will like for you?

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