Disease goats treatment

Disease goats

If the goat is well cared for and fed quality food, the animal is unlikely to get sick.

In addition, the goat is considered to be a hardy and sturdy farm animals.

And yet, each owner should be the hand to recognize the first signs of illness goats to provide timely assistance.

In a healthy animal, always a good appetite and vigorous look.

The normal heart rate of a goat is 70 to 80 shocks per minute, and body temperature is 39 — 40ºC.

The animal temperature measurement produced through the rectal passage.

Deviations from these norms, and the emergence of heavy rapid breathing, often accompanied by shortness of breath indicates the manifestation of disease in goats.

In this case the animal must be isolated from other animals.

Disease goats


Diseases of the udder. This disease can occur with improper conditions of detention, the presence of drafts in the shed, not insulated floors and if the owner is not too often change the litter. Such diseases of goats are:

  • mastitis (inflammation of udder). It is treated with a strict diet. From the diet of goats is necessary to exclude the feed that contribute to the formation of milk.

Instead, you can give a good fresh hay. Besides it is necessary to decrease the rate of combined feed.

For treatment using diuretics, based on Glauber’s salt. The product should be diluted in lukewarm water or sunflower oil.

It is recommended to do the clay cooled compression bandage with vinegar on the basis of the Thistle.

  • cracks in the nipple. The disease is manifested, if it is wrong or not to care for goat.

Cracks can occur with improper or inept milking. Not a quality litter can also be a cause of acute disease of goats.

For treatment of nipples is treated with boric acid and smeared with vaseline or fat cream.

  • gastric diseases. Problems can occur if you feed the pet spoiled food and inadequate feeding.

For the problem requires a strict diet and the use of laxatives and medicinal infusions.

  • inflammation of the hooves. The source of the disease can be cold and dirty floor. The goat will limp or lie down. The hoof will be hot.

To cure the disease by using salicylic acid and medicinal ointments.

  • diarrhea. The reason may be poor feeding and respiratory diseases of goats.

To cure the animal, you need to follow the purity of the milk vetch and follow the diet

disease goats

sick goats.

The simplest remedy is oak bark. To do this, pour 1 tbsp 300 ml boiling water.

Broth infuse for half an hour, filtered and to give, dividing this number by the day.

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