Disease geese – symptoms and treatment

Disease geese

Undoubtedly, disease of geese and other birds also cause no small damage to the host.

Every farmer knows that prevention is better and easier to prevent than to cure.

Doesn’t matter, have experience in breeding geese in the home or not, you should apply preventative actions to protect livestock from disease.

Disease geese

 Viral infection. The most common diseases among geese there is a viral infection.

Birds are very poorly tolerate drafts and low temperatures. So the goose house to avoid should be as insulated and does not have drafts.

Disease geese can develop as a result of bad feeding, dirty water and many other factors.

But among the most frequent diseases are:

Beriberi. Very often, the geese suffer from vitamin deficiency — vitamin deficiency. There is maarslet, low egg production, poor appetite and even death of birds.

To prevent this disease it is necessary to provide the birds a rich food in vitamins, be sure the diet is necessary to introduce fish oil and freshly cut grass.

Rickets. The disease of geese is the result of low consumption of vitamin D and lack of sunlight.

The disease can be recognized, if the birds do not grow, they are weak enough, eggs have thin shells, and also in geese softened the beak.

To cure the disease by using yeast, fish oil, vitamin D, and mandatory grazing on pasture in good Sunny weather.

Diarrhea. A disease of geese can develop as a result of lack of vitamin B. In this case the birds, you notice the paralysis, stiffness in the neck, ruffled feathers.

To prevent diarrhea the diet of geese is administered wheat bran, fresh greens, vitamin b and sprouted grains.

A blockage of the esophagus. Most commonly found among the young. This disease appears as a result of feeding exclusively dry food without adding wet food and little water consumption.

When blockage of the esophagus poultry breathe hard, restlessly behave, the gait weak and unsteady, his mouth is constantly open.

This can sometimes lead to death. To avoid this disease, geese need each day to give wet food to provide the birds a constant source of water.

You can also enter into the esophagus approximately 50 grams of butter. After this procedure, you need to squeeze out the contents of the esophagus through the mouth gently.

Enteritis. Most common in young geese. Enteritis can occur when bad

Disease geese

feeding and dirty water.

In the course of the disease inflames the digestive tract.

For the prevention and treatment of used water with the addition of hydrochloric acid biomitsin or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

You also need to constantly change the water in the drinking bowl and to monitor the quality of food.

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