Dill Fragrant and therapeutic properties and methods of breeding


Dill can grow up to five feet in height.

It has a root in the shape of a spindle and a thin, threadlike leaves.

Inflorescences in the form of umbrellas decorated with yellow flowers.

It is used in all cuisines of the world as a spicy seasoning.

Food is everything: fruits, leaves and roots with stems. Fresh and dried herbs are put to flavor all dishes.

No soup or soup of meat and fish, burgers and fries, rice and sauces, vegetable and pasta mixture, meat and vegetable salads, pies and winter preparations can not do without these fragrant herbs.

The fennel seeds are used for flavoring bread and wine, cookies and chips, tea and pastry. What pickled herring or new potatoes without dill?

A Ukrainian Salo just exudes the heavenly aroma of this herb! And with all this dill has medicinal properties!

He will completely relieve spasms in the stomach, will increase the activity of mammary glands in lactating women, return the sleep with insomnia.

Infusion of leaves and roots of dill will alleviate the suffering of hypertension and reduce blood pressure. And yet, this simple infusion or decoction a cure for cystitis.

The fennel seeds have a large amount of vitamins, oils and proteins.

Fragrant dill grows well in the garden with average summer temperatures. Optimal thermal mode for it is twenty to twenty – five degrees.

More hot summer makes it not so tender and green, and a cold summer is just not conducive to the growth of this plant.

For dill, the preference should be given to humus and light land: sandy loam or loam.

He loves fertilizer and manure is particularly preferred. Fennel is propagated from seed, and first seed should be prepare to soak for a few hours and then sow in rows, sprinkling them three inches with earth.

Between the rows need to leave a distance of thirty-five centimeters. You need to remember that sun dill will be more fragrant and will grow faster.

To cut for use on your Desk it several times, and the same time again sow the same place. This will allow the daily to be in your diet vitamin herbs.


If you did not soak the seeds before planting, the shoots can be expected not earlier than in two weeks.

Soaked seeds in warm weather germinate for a few days faster.

But when you start the canned tomatoes and cucumbers, put in brine and not fresh leaves and seeds already ripe, because they have more essential oil, which contributes to a better preservation of vegetables.

For cutting of fragrant dill for herbs, plant height should not be more than forty inches.

You can freeze for the winter the stems with twigs, you can pour salt and store in the refrigerator in a glass jar, and you can dry and store in a dry place for dry aromatic blends.

If do you take the seeds, cut them have not ripened and left to ripen on the canvas in a ventilated room.

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