Diksoniya — care at home


Diksoniya — tree palm-like fern.

Has a black stem and green leathery leaves.

An adult plant is able to achieve considerable size.

Cultivation of dicksonii

 Location and lighting

The plant does best in large rooms or greenhouses. The most favorable place to host it will be North side.

Fern is very shade and absolutely does not tolerate direct sunlight. Well enough in areas where only artificial lighting.


The temperature is below 13 degrees for Dicksonii prohibited. Drafts and sudden temperature changes also can not be tolerated.

Watering and humidity

The plant is very water-loving, so requires plentiful and frequent watering. However, pour it is also impossible. You need to ensure that the water is well absorbed.

Very bad feeling on dry land. Not less demanding Diksoniya and humidity. Therefore, the spray should be daily and at high temperature in the summer, you can do it more often. For watering and humidifying would be good to use softened water.


To feed Dicksonia necessary in the period of intensive growth. It is recommended that the alternation of solutions of mineral and organic fertilizers.

Transplantation and propagation

Your own at home to propagate the plant usually fails, but it is advisable to replant every year simultaneously removing the roots that spoil it.

The easiest and reliable option for the transplant to use ready ground. Now of fertile soils especially for ferns.

If there is a desire to prepare the ground for Dicksonii yourself, then you should mix peat, leaf mold, and mulch the ground and add sand. The optimal ratio of 2-2-1-1.

Pests and diseases

Diseases and pests of the fern practically does not threaten. The danger for plants can come from both the drying earthen coma, and excessive irrigation.

Besides much can damage the increased dryness of air in the room, which would entail the withering and falling of leaves.

It is advisable to avoid such problems, install indoor automatic device for air humidification.

To Diksoniya can grow up healthy and pleasing to the eye with its green leaves should strictly abide by the rules of her detention under indoor cultivation.

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