Dieffenbachia — home care

Dieffenbachia - home care

There is a perception that dieffenbachia is a pretty whimsical flower.

Of course, caring for it at home requires some knowledge, but there are more complex plants.

Before to tell about the care dieffenbachia at home, it is worth Recalling that the flower is poisonous.

So if you have small children who can try bright leaves taste better to put the plant in an inaccessible location. Or wait until the child grows up.

Dieffenbachia — home care

This durable evergreen shrub. He is powerful enough stem, but the main thing — the bright leaves. It is for this and love this plant.

When planning the interior it should be noted that dieffenbachia in the home can grow to a height of two meters.

This plant does not like sudden temperature changes, cold, and excessive watering.

However, drought and heat dieffenbachia also can not stand. These details also need to be addressed.

As for the lighting, the place to find a moderately lit. For example, the plant can be placed not on the window if the South side, and next. In this case, the light will be enough.

If the sun’s rays warms our very capricious beauty, the leaves can dry out and fade. Dieffenbachia likes spraying warm water or a shower.

As for watering, it is best to water a little every day. The slightest dryness can destroy the plant.

In winter, the flower sent to the rest. At this time, reduce watering and remove the dressing. Occasionally you can wipe the leaves with damp cotton wool to clean the dust.

Very rarely, but this plant can bloom. However, this process weakens the stem and leaves. So, experienced growers are advised to break off the buds. Dieffenbachia beauty is not in colours, and the leaves are a beautiful rich shades.

The rest of the time feeding is carried out regularly through the leaves. Lack of nutrients can affect color. A transplant is recommended every three years.

If the plant is badly exposed barrel, it’s time to upgrade. This can be done in two ways. You can cut the barrel and leave a stump height of about ten centimeters.

After some time there will be new shoots. You can just cut the stalk and put in water. Rooting is fairly rapid.

Despite its lightweight moodiness and poisonous, dieffenbachia is a very useful plant.

Dieffenbachia - home care

It cleans the air of formaldehyde, resins and other contaminants.

So if you live near factories or in ecologically unfavorable area, we recommend you to have this plant.

Most importantly, love the flower and create good conditions. And he will grow and delight you.

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