Didibahini — care at home


Didibahini is a genus of fern, reaches the size of 1 m.

The leaves on the stem (rachis), coriaceous and shining, greenish-brown color.

The plant is a beautiful decoration for home greenhouses and green areas.

Growing didibahini

 Location and lighting

East or West window is the best place for a plant that does not like sunlight. Ensure ambient light, frequent airing, protecting from drafts.

In the summer you can stand on the balcony or bring to a dacha garden. In winter, the longer daylight up to 8 hours of fluorescent lighting.


The favorable temperature for the cultivation Didibahini + 22-24°C. the winter Temperature not below + 17°C.

Watering and humidity

The fern grows well in high humidity. In a dry place increase it by spraying twice a day.


You can use the pan with a wet expanded clay, which exhibited a pot with a plant. The roots to avoid rotting, should not touch the water.

Useful cool shower, cleans the dust herbs and moisturizing fronds. During shower the soil close package.


In spring and summer, fertilize every 2 weeks with any fertilizer for growing decorative plants. The rate of fertilizer should be reduced 5 times. In the dormant period in autumn and winter, to make feeding impossible, it will trigger the development of diseases.

Transplantation and propagation

Young plants are transplanted each year, adults — every 3 years. The pot is placed drainage, poured a mixture of sand, peat, leaf soil in the ratio of 1/1/4, also add bone meal (1 tsp. per 1 kg of soil) and charcoal as a disinfectant agent.

Plant your tree so that the tip of the root was above the soil surface. Abundantly watered. DigiMoney propagated by spores or division of the root.

Spores are collected, sown in soil and germinated to send in a warm dark place. After the emergence of plants move to light.

Carefully separate the rhizomes during transplantation so that each part had its point of growth. Part of the plants are planted in pots, covered with a plastic bag and put the light in a warm place. Regularly ventilated, watered and sprayed.

Pests and fight with them

Most often amaze plant:

  • spider mites, which is a daily spraying of plants;
  • — mealybug, which is going colonies on stems and leaves. The affected area should be wiped with a wet swab;
  • — San Jose scale. Removed from the plants with a damp cloth. When severe pest damage requires a systematic spraying of insecticidal drugs.


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