Diamondback moth – control measures

Diamondback moth

Among farmers there are many enemies of insects.

And each pest has their own taste preferences.

Some of them are omnivorous, and the other paying attention of any one vegetable crop.

So a name for themselves and get these pests under the name of vegetable crops, which are destroyed.

Diamondback moth

Unattractive and innocent little dirty-gray butterfly is a real scourge cabbage beds.

With lightning speed brood their larvae, Diamondback moth can rapidly ruin all the plugs, making them unsuitable for winter storage.

Fighters culture is a caterpillar different from his «mother’s» delicate green color.

Immediately see the pest on cabbage heads will be difficult, each fork usually there is one caterpillar (on the strength of two).

So sour patch should examine carefully, first looking for the pale yellow eggs.

Minor damage to leaves on a head of cabbage – this is a reason to suspect that there settled Diamondback moth (or rather its larvae). Therefore it is necessary to implement preventive measures.

Control measures against Diamondback moth

Magic drug that allows you to completely destroy the pest without causing damage truck crops unfortunately, no. Diamondback moth, like many enemies of the vacationers requires a comprehensive approach.

  • If in the garden pre-planted green manure crops should be ploughed with sufficient care so as not to leave in the soil for the winter pupae, which could settle on the plants.


  • Keep a constant war on your land with weeds on them butterfly can do the eggs. And then from there the caterpillar will move to the cabbage.


  • When mass destruction of culture use insecticides. And is particularly effective microbiological preparations of type «Lepidocid», «Bitoxibacillin».

 Biological means of pest control

Diamondback moth - control measures

Should not deter from your site where the cabbage patch, birds.

They – the main threat to any kind of pests.

So will easily cope with cabbage moth and its larvae.

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