Design garden beds

design garden beds

The design of the garden beds is important in the organization of the landscape of a country garden.

Flowers grown in one bed should have not only the same conditions of farming, but the combination of plants should create an excellent and beautiful composition.

One such «sweet couple» roses and clematis.

Design garden flower beds (roses and clematis)

Experienced growers, designing garden beds, first use the classic version of rose and clematis.

These two horticultural crops are quite different in size and shape, always look harmoniously combined with each other.

Using this couple gardeners create their favorite villas magnificent flowering arches, walls, pergolas.

Clematis when planting and creating a garden design flower bedscan use a climbing rose as a prop, after you weave these colors will create original floral pattern.

The main thing is to select varieties of flowers harmoniously to correspond in size, color and shape of the flowers. In winter under the shelter of those flowers will help each other to winter, and in early summer clematis bloom.

These colors are the requirements for watering, light and soil fertility are very similar: a lot

design garden beds

light, rich deep watering and rich soil, so when they next create favorable conditions for growth simpler.

The only difference between these colors in the root system, clematis faster increases root system, it should consider creating design garden flower beds.

They were in the same conditions, planted the first rose, and the next season, and the best two clematis.

You can get a set of these garden flowers, not only with climbing, but shrub roses.

It all depends on the taste of the florist and artistic challenges he puts in front of him.

Creating the design of garden clubs, playing on the contrast of colors: pink, red, or the shape of the flowers, but same color.

These two cultures are very different, so look harmoniously in any combination.

design garden beds

The only thing what to avoid when creating a flowerbed, joint fit Terry varieties of these plants.

Same colour and size Terry varieties of these flowers, enhances the beauty. Clematis argues with rose, and the rose bed should be the main.

Everything is in your hands create your own original compositions, experiment, use other types, such as begonias.

With these beautiful flowers, too, can create surprising compositions. The flowers of tuberous begonias hybrid breeding, care.

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