Dendrochilum — care at home


Dendrochilum is a fairly hardy Orchid.

Has drooping spicate inflorescences and tough, shiny leaves.

Blooms small white flowers, which are quite densely located on stalks.

Flowers have a characteristic odor. The plant grows in the Philippines, mostly on rocky terrain.

In strict adherence to peace and growth, which should correspond to the natural features of their growth are core components for successful cultivation of orchids.

Growing dendrochilum

 Location and lighting

Since all orchids and Dendrochilum no exception are big fans of light and air, one of the best places of their detention under indoor cultivation will be Windows facing South and all the most lit places.

But we should not forget that the plant needs protection from the sun, so on hot days it is appropriate to create a little shading.

Spring with the onset of warm weather and before the onset of autumn frosts this type of Orchid will be enough to feel good outside.


The pots can be put on the balcony or placed on the cottage in the garden, preferably in a place where they will not be disturbed by rains, strong winds and direct sunlight.


Dendrochilum is a plant of moderately warm temperature. The summer temperature of its contents should reach thirty degrees, winter from eighteen to twenty-one.

It is important to note that successful indoor growing of this species is affected by compliance with daytime and nighttime temperatures. Night should be four degrees cooler.

Humidity and watering

Growing plants at home and need to provide her with sufficient humidity to avoid the negative consequences that will affect his growth and development.

It is advisable to use humidifiers. Remember: the higher the temperature in the room, the more you need to humidify the air, and with higher humidity needs more frequent airing. Adherence to such a regime will help to prevent the disease.

Watering orchids should be often and abundantly. However, it is important to ensure that water does not stagnate and the soil had time to dry.

Dendrochilum likes a hot shower. It’s closest to his natural environment of his homeland. The water should be heated not more than forty-five degrees.


Feed the Orchid should only be specialized fertilizer in accordance with the instructions on the package. The solution is to add every third watering.

Transplantation and propagation

In terms of indoor growing in Dendrochilum practiced only vegetative reproduction. Replanting is best done when it is only a Bud not to miss the moment capacity of the roots to new shoots. You need to be planting plants to prevent rotting of the bottom.

Pests and fight with them

Orchids, unlike other plants room content much less susceptible to pests and diseases.

However, this Cup will not pass them. Today, a number of effective drugs that will help easily deal with most pests. They should be used in strict accordance with the instructions.

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