Decking on the dacha

Teresa doska composite

Modern development in the field of construction make it easy to build new buildings, giving them an individual design and finish.

Those who are just a burden to the tree and wishes to apply this treatment to sidewalks to ponds, the terrace or the pool you don’t have to worry about that wood will rot, can catch fire, covered with mold or become to fade and crack from exposure to external factors.

To replace the standard wood came from decking composite. Decking has several names, namely: duodenum, drevoplast or «liquid wood».

This Board is considered to be a versatile and modern material that consists of wood filler and the binder is polypropylene.

Decking meets all natural properties of wood but devoid of such negative qualities, such as rot, mold, and external defects.

The material does not contain harmful chemicals, and therefore, when removing can be sent for recycling or conventional disposal.

A wooden deck not exposed to weathering, insects, fungi and fire, which is a huge plus for using this material outdoors.


Even under the most severe climatic conditions terrace, gazebo, balcony, veranda will not lose its original appearance.

The correct decision to use this material for balconies, gazebos, verandas. Because he perfectly resists to frost, moisture and possesses tested and a particular strength.

Also important is the aesthetic appearance of the decking as a durable construction will have wonderful views.

Next to the fortress it is worth noting the fact that stepping on her bare feet, missing the chance to drive a splinter, and therefore, you can safely move not only adults but also children.

Usually, decking Holzhof has one or two faces: the texture of natural wood or corrugated. It corrugated eliminates the danger of slipping when leaving the pool or in rainy weather.

Even more captivating simplicity in the care of drevoplast. It does not require annual painting, oiling that will significantly affect the budget.

Using «liquid wood» and you save not only money, but also time to install and finish. This material does not require special training to repair or finish and is used immediately after purchase.

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