Decandia — care at home


Descende – fern family parisovich.

Bestvideo herbaceous plant.

Natural climatic conditions of its growth are the tropical rain forests located in South and Central America.

By themselves, the ferns can make some elements symbolize constancy in composition with other potted flowers and as decorative foliage plants, often create their original background.

Growing estendei

 Location and lighting

Fern does not require special care, shade, moreover absolutely not tolerate direct sunlight.

Feels fine in a room with only artificial lighting. Be, by the way, in the winter garden.

Also, you can safely place Destandau in the Northern part of the house where other plants will be too dark.


Despite their dislike of sunlight this species of fern is not particularly comfortable to be in draughty and cool place. The minimum temperature of its contents should not be below thirteen degrees.

Watering and humidity

The plant is very hygrophilous. Watered abundantly recommended because it is completely able to exist in dry soil.

Besides day-to-day, and in the heat, and not once should be generous spraying. Water for these purposes, it is advisable to take soft. It is advisable to use automatic humidifiers.


Destandau need to fertilize at a time when there is intense increase. Solutions of mineral and organic fertilizers for top-dressing should be alternated.

Transplantation and propagation

Fern can be propagated as pursuing the separation of its roots, and with the help of the dispute. This should be done every year, carefully removing the damaged roots. For transplants it is best to use special soil mixture for ferns.

Pest control

One of the most successful ways of dealing with pests is to prevent their emergence and reproduction.

It is enough to increase the resistance of plants to fulfill all the conditions on its cultivation and care.

However, if you keep the plant still failed to apply the funds that is on sale, just observing the accompanying recommendation to the drug. In addition we should not forget that the chemicals need careful handling.

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