Davallia — care at home


Davallia – exotic houseplant, belongs to the fern family Davalliana.

She comes from the tropics of China, Japan, Polynesia, Java, and the Canary Islands.

This fern has small pinnate wedge-shaped rich green leaves that grow on Golden cuttings.

The plant has a creeping, covered with brown hairs leaves. It grows fairly quickly, but requires implementation of certain rules of care.

Growing davallia

 Location and lighting

This fern light, but direct sunlight burns occur on the leaves, so it is important to create indirect lighting.

Most comfortable davallia the Windows are East or West orientation. If it for a long time in a shaded place, slowed growth, the leaves can become less bright.


Davallia thermophilic. Throughout the year you need to maintain the temperature of 18-22°C. the Above – is undesirable, as too warm air can cause yellowing of leaves.

If the temperature is more recommended, should be periodically humidify the air. When the temperature in the room colder than normal, the plant may die.

Watering and humidity

Need abundant watering, which is carried out during drying of the upper soil layer. Pooled watered with warm water.

In winter reduce watering a bit, because excessive watering can rot the roots. The dryness of the substrate also should not be allowed.

As often it is not desirable to wet the roots protruding from the ground, it is desirable to alternately the top and bottom watering.

It is important to maintain the humidity of 50-55%. To increase humidity you can put the pot in a container with moistened expanded clay.


Feeding is carried out from spring to late summer. For this purpose complex fertilizer for plants decorative foliage type. Fertilize twice a month, using ¼ or 1/3 of the recommended dose. The fall feeding is stopped.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplanting is carried out when the roots fill the soil ball approximately every 2 years. Doing this in the period from March to April.

To transplant, take a pot, be sure to drain. The composition of the earth, 1 part leaf, peat soil and sand.

Davallia propagated by division and cuttings. When her roots — the «legs» appear small bushes, the part of a root from a Bush cut and planted shallowly in a mixture of leaf soil, moss-sphagnum and sand.

Before the advent of root seedlings are kept under polyethylene, not tightly closing. After 2 months, appear roots, then the plant can be planted in a pot.

Pests and fight with them

From insects on plants usually appear thrips, spider mites, whiteflies. To remove them apply insecticides.

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