Daikon varieties for winter storage

Daikon (Japanese radish)

Daikon (Japanese radish) is gaining in recent popularity among gardeners vegetable crops.

The plant is a subspecies of radish seed, although unlike the latter, the daikon roots do not contain mustard oils and have a mild flavor.

There are many varieties of Japanese radish, but in Russia the best known are:»Snow white», «John», «Caesar», «Flamingo», «Dragon», «Big bull», «Tusk elephant», «Dumbo», «Japanese white long.»

Varieties of daikon

 Snow – ripening varieties. Brings good harvest, both in open and protected ground. The white roots of cylindrical shape, flesh labostrie, juicy. Persists until 5mesyacev. Yield 5 to 8 kg/m2.

Big bull – refers to mid-season varieties of Japanese radish. Root crops are large, cylindrical, succulent. Root mass up to 3 kg. keeping Quality is good, stored until spring.

Dragon – middle-grade. Root crops are cylindrical with a conical transition smooth. Weight up to 1kg. the Flesh is juicy, tender, white. The taste is a bit sweet.

Suitable for cultivation in the open ground in suburban areas. The variety is suitable for long-term storage and fresh consumption. The yield is high.

Dumbo— middle-grade daikon. The root is cylindrical, white, dense, delicious. «Dumbo» is ideal for cultivation in protected and open ground in the garden plots. Storability is high up to 6 months. Yields of up to 10 kg/m2. Roots weighing up to 1.5 kg.

Fang elephant – middle-grade. The root is cylindrical in shape, white, length up to 60cm. The yield is high, the root mass of 0.5 kg. the Flesh is juicy, white. Suitable for long-term storage and fresh consumption.

Sasha – early ripening variety of Japanese radish, cold-resistant. Roots short cylindrical, smooth, white. The flesh is tender, tasty and juicy. Weight 450 g. Resistant to disease and premature stableman. The average yield of 5kg/m2. Used in any form. The vegetation period to 40 days.

Caesar – middle-grade. Root cylindrical, length up to 40cm. The flesh is white, juicy, like the taste of radish. Recommended for cultivation in the open ground. It is used fresh, for long-term storage is not suitable.

Flamingo – hybrid middle-grade. Roots sourcewide level. Flesh pink, juicy, tasty.

Daikon varieties for winter storage

Recommended for cultivation in garden plots for fresh consumption. Yields up to 6kg/m2, weight up to 1kg. the Variety is resistant to tsvetushnosti.

Japanese white-long – late-ripening varieties. Roots white, long, weight up to 3 kg. the Flesh is juicy, white, slightly sharp. Has good storability and high yield. Long arabnet.

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