Dahlia planting and care


Growing Dahlia are engaged in more than 10 years.

For 35 varieties of these beautiful flowers grow at his dacha neighbors are fond of this magnificence, but they grow hesitant.

Although their fears were groundless, because dahlias are not particularly whimsical flowers.

Preparing for landing

After April 15, to get the Dahlia tubers and lay on the rubber sheet top cover with foil.

After about 5-7 days, when the eyes start to rise, spray them with a spray bottle with room temperature water and again cover with polythene for a week.

During this time, the roots, and so flowers it is time to plant in the open ground.

Soil preparation and planting

Dahlias love well-lit Sunny location, while landing it must be considered. In General, the soil under them can not dig, I just loosened by the cultivator and remove the roots of weeds.

Planting dahlias start on the weather, usually in early may. Dig holes with a depth of about 10cm.

Distance between holes 50 cm (dwarf varieties), and 1m (tall). Lay the tubers horizontally, so that the new tubers grow from the young shoots far.

Notice that in this case, they are stored better and the variety does not degenerate. Before the drip hole in the center peg set, then tie him to Bush.

Caring for dahlias

Flowers need regular weeding and soil loosening. As soon as the shoots grow above 10cm, I’m Spud.

Then the growth of the Bush hilling spend 2 more times. In tall varieties, the lower shoots is cut off, then bloom dahlias faster and the buds will be large.

From low-growing flowers pinch out the main shoots when they reach 30cm. The first buds can be cut, then the bloom will be magnificent.

For fertilizing dahlias can be used organic and mineral fertilizers. I breed poultry manure in water based 1st. spoon on 10 liters of water.

Before fertilizing the flowers should be watered with plain water. Towards the end of July, stop fertilizing and begin to prepare dahlias for a rest period.

Digging and storing tubers

Dahlia tubers are dug after the first frost. Choose a lush and sturdy bushes, break off the stems.

Then with a shovel obkapyvayut georginova Bush from all sides, lifts and ostragivajut the ground. You can wash the roots with water straight from the hose.

Then with scissors cut «kids» small potatoes. Curly and long tubers are cut at 15cm. Stems cut to 2 cm.

The prepared Dahlia tubers are dried, pour powdered charcoal and laid on grades in paper balls.

Now they need to put in a cool dry place, I store them in the basement. Temperature winter storage should not fall below 2°C.

Periodically check the safety of the tubers spoiled throw. In early March, get them sorted and put to germinate in a dark, dry and warm place – pantry.

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