Dahlia — care at home


Dahlia is a popular garden flowering plants of the Asteraceae family, at a fairly high stems, with bright flowers of different colors from pink to bright red.

These flowers are grown under ambient conditions using a special container variety that reaches 30 cm in height. It is important to follow the rules of care.

Growing dahlias

 Location and lighting

These flowers relates to light-requiring, but in the summer during the hottest hours of the day it pritenyayut from the sun. Place the pot best on East or West window.

The room in which the plant must be well ventilated, and in summer it can be taken on the balcony or in the garden, protecting it from drafts and wind.


Dahlia – not very heat-loving. In summer the temperature should not exceed +18°C in winter reduce to +12-15°C.

Watering and humidity

Throughout the year requires abundant watering, in winter, slightly reduce the amount of water, but still do not allow drying of the soil. For irrigation water advocate 1-2 days.

High humidity is not required, periodically spray the leaves with water at room temperature. If the air is too dry, the plant may be pests, and yellow leaves.


Need feeding a few days after transplanting, do it in late spring and summer, every 10 days.

The best way to fertilizer – mixture infusion of mullein (1 part to 10 parts of water) with the addition of superphosphate and nitrogen fertiliser (they take 10 l of water 20 g).

Suitable as occasional feeding with superphosphate mixed with wood ash (10 l – 50 g of product).

The use of fertilizers has beneficial effects on flowering, forming large and bright flowers. Since September feeding is not carried out.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplant does not normally, because after the flowering aerial part of the plant usually die.

Dahlias propagated by seeds, which are formed on the flowers. Collect them, a little dried and in the spring planted in soil (mixture of peat and sand in the ratio 3:1), when the seedlings grow to 2 true leaves, they are seated in individual pots.

The second method of propagation is with cuttings. To do this, cut the tops of the stems, placed in a container of water or with a mixture of peat and sand. For rooting maintains the temperature of +20-25°C.

Transplanting plant the tubers, cut them into several parts that each had left a piece of root collar with the eyes. Plant the tubers in the ground in may-June.

Pests and fight with them

Dahlia threatened by such pests as aphids and spider mites. To get rid of them, the plants are sprayed infusion of onion peel, garlic, dandelion or tobacco. In severe cases, use special insecticides.

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