Cypress — home care


More recently, some species of conifers began to be cultivated as houseplants.

Cypress macrocarpa is the most undemanding for home growing.

It grows slowly, sometimes requires trimming the roots to deter the growth.

Caring for them is simple, if you follow the rules of the content.

The cultivation of cypress

 Location and lighting

The South plant, and therefore likes lots of bright light, but from the hot sun should be pritenyat. In the summer it is advisable not to put on the South side, in the other seasons can be near the window in any direction.

From early spring to autumn the plant it is desirable to expose to fresh air, protecting from the scorching sun.


The optimum temperature for growing cypress + 20C, when the temperature increases, increase the number of sprayings. Overwintering plants should occur in cool conditions, but not below + 8C.

Watering and humidity

Spring and autumn – a time of abundant watering in the winter – temperate. Dry air can not stand.

When the content in moderate temperatures, from time to time have to be sprayed crown, during the heating season when the content in the apartment and in the hot summer to maintain the required humidity should be frequent spraying of the leaves, you can also use household humidifiers.

It should not prevent excess moisture in the soil is detrimental to the plant.


With nutrients to not hold to a plant not grown in the pot too high enough times a month to make a liquid fertilizer by reducing the recommended dose in half. In the winter months to make fertilizer is not necessary, it’s holiday time.

Transplantation and propagation

Cypress needs frequent transplanting (once in 2 years), a month after it you can plant to feed.

The transplant and reproduction carried out in the spring. Propagated by cuttings and seeds. Woody cuttings are planted in moist soil for conifers, pre-treating them in any composition for rooting.

Seeds are sown in warm, moist soil and wait for germination. It is impossible to give the soil to dry out, it needs to be constantly wet. The sprouts are watered moderately.

And rooting cuttings and young shoots should provide a sufficient amount of light. For conifers is very important to good drainage layer.

Pests and fight with them

The emergence of web on the leaves – a sign of spider mites. Arrange plants shower and keep the necessary humidity.

Brown spots on the barrel scale, remove with a wet tampon soaked in vodka or alcohol.

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