Cymbidium care at home


It is impossible not to admire the beauty of Orchids.

The diversity of species, unusual color of colors, the heady scent exudes amazing inflorescences – that’s what makes the representatives of this family are favorites of growers.

No exception here and Cymbidium, each branch of which is thickly covered with large wax-like flowers.

Blossoms so much that the branch would bend under their weight.

Cymbidium care tips

 Location and lighting

To achieve a large number of inflorescences in Orchids, the plant must have adequate lighting. But the light needs to be diffused to the sun’s rays do not harm the Cymbidium.

Location for cymbidum at home, you should select only brightly lit room. But if it is not possible to settle the plant on the South side, it is necessary to solve the problem with the help of fluorescent lamps. Especially true of artificial lighting in the winter – it helps extend daylight hours.


The temperature regime is one of the factors active flowering of Cymbidium at home. Especially good effect on the development of inflorescences small difference between day and night temperatures (but it should not exceed 3°C).

Orchids are able to withstand the heat in summer up to +30°C. But, after all, the optimum temperature should be within +22-24°C. in Winter, this rule is +16-18°C.

Watering and humidity

The frequency of watering of Cymbidium is directly dependent on temperature: the higher it is, the more often you need to water the plant. It is impossible to prevent drying of the soil, but also impossible that in the pan there was water.

In hot weather, and in heated buildings it is necessary to maintain sufficient humidity by using humidifiers.

And regularly water the plant with filtered water at room temperature. From time to time it is possible to arrange Cymbidium hot shower to wash off the dust plants.


The Orchid should be fertilized with organic matter on a monthly basis (even in winter). But it should be done carefully, trying not to fall on the inflorescence. Fertilizing Cymbidium at home is carried out by watering directly into the soil.

If not at hand will be a special fertilizer for orchids, you can use regular organic for indoor plants. But then the concentration of do in the weaker half.

Transplantation and propagation

Orchid Cymbidium is very capricious to the transplant. So do not plant «hurt» every year – it is better to transplant the flower, when he becomes the batter in the old pot. Instead, every spring, a plant change the top layer of excavation of the substrate.

Propagation of Cymbidium in the home, as transplantation is performed in early spring. The quality of planting material used

Cymbidium at home

pseudobulb that otcleanit gently from the main plant.

Pests and fight with them

If care Cymbidium fully respected, and the plant started to drop the flowers, or has yellow leaves, it means that the Orchid was attacked by scale insects, spider mites or aphids.

To prevent plant diseases, it should be inspected thoroughly every day.

Upon detection of the pests must be immediately removed from the plant, using swabs of cotton wool dampened with soapy water. If the situation is neglected, it is better to apply insecticidal agents.

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