Cyclamen (Draka) — care at home


Is a member of the family primulaceae, native to Central Asia and the Mediterranean.

It is a perennial, tuberous, herbaceous plant, up to 30 cm, is a very popular potted plant.

The basal leaves and may have heart-shaped or rounded, dark green, gray, bluish, but most silver pattern.

Flowers solitary, drooping, have 5 recurved petals because resemble a butterfly.

The colour of the flowers of cyclamen can be very diverse – white, pink, purple, raspberry, red, orange, with a dark eye.

Flowering occurs in winter, autumn and spring. The plant is poisonous, when you work with it you need to be careful.

The cultivation of cyclamen

 Location and lighting

The room should be bright but without direct sunlight, and should avoid the situation near heating sources.


In winter, during the flowering period to maintain the temperature of +12 ÷ +15 degrees, but not below 10 degrees.

After flowering, the temperature was raised to +16 ÷ +18 degrees. In summer, the optimum temperature is about +16 to +20 degrees.

Watering and humidity

During the growing season the plant needs abundant watering, better suited to the immersion method, that is, put the pot in warm water for 10-15 minutes, then wait for the water to drain.

When top watering make sure that any water didn’t get on the tuber and the leaves, water is poured on the edges of the pot, to prevent later decay and the occurrence of fungal diseases.

The cyclamen need moist air, but to spray it in any case impossible. You can put the pot on a tray of wet pebbles or peat.


Fertilize every 2-3 weeks in autumn and spring, fertilizer for houseplants. Excess fertilizer will lead to the formation of leaves, but not buds.

Transplantation and propagation

Doing a transplant once in 2 years, when the bulb has filled the pot or you need to change the substrate.

Procedure is done in early summer, when the process of coming to life after a rest. As the soil is mixture of organic matter and coarse sand. The old soil when transplanting, replace completely.

This is propagated by seeds and rarely by division of the tuber. Seeds are hard to germinate, plant them in pots, sprinkled the ground and heavily watered.

Pots should not be put in the sun and needs to avoid high temperatures. Seedlings appear in about a month.

Pests and fight with them

May be affected by aphids, thrips and mite cyclamen. For pest control use spraying insecticides.

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