Currant diseases and their treatment

Disease currant

Any garden culture starts to hurt if violated the principles of farming.

Growth conditions can cause fungal diseases.

Poor garden care will give the bacteria and the virus quickly spread berry bushes and fruit trees.

Radivoje green thumb time trying to take all measures to plant diseases on his site did not appear. But sometimes does not help and prevention.

Then to destroy the disease need at the beginning of its development to one plant (tree) she «walked» around the area.

Disease currant

This berry culture are divided into 3 kinds: black, red and white currants. But they are all equally exposed to the same diseases. Knowing their symptoms, it will be easier to solve the problem.

The Septoria leaf spot (white spot). The fungus attacks leaves of currant. In early summer, there are bright spots of indeterminate shape with brown edging. Later «hatch» black spots. And this suggests that the debate began to acquire the body. Diseased red currant leaves wither and curl.


Prevention includes removal of fallen leaves and tilling (digging) the soil around the Bush, strengthening the immune properties of culture (soil application of mineral fertilizers).

The disease begins with removing the damaged leaves. Bush sprayed with copper oxychloride or sulphate at the rate of: in a bucket of water, 40 g of chemical. In the advanced form is additionally used Bordeaux liquid.

Another similar disease of the currant Anthracnose. But here the spots are of a dirty-brown color. Gradually expanding, they merge into one big «BLOB».

«Twisted» sick leaves crumble. This disease currant affects not only the productivity is reduced even percentage of sugar in the berries. Preventive measures and treatment identical to that described above.

To fungal diseases include powdery mildew. It spares no part of the bushes, hitting the leaves, and the ovary and fruit. All the currant Bush

Currant diseases and their treatment

enveloped in bright bloom. If time is not treated, it thickens and darkens.

This powdery «felt» does not allow the plant to «breathe». And it is gradually dying.

One of the points of prevention can be called a compilation of sorts on the area in which they will grow.

You also need to «bid on culture quite resistant to this fungus. We must not forget about the benefits of circumcision of the crown. Saudinet promotes the development of the disease.

The treatment of this disease currant includes pruning infected shoots and the gradual spraying of the bushes.

First the copper sulphate, and then 3-4 times a soap composition of soda ash or bleach. Folk remedy: soak the manure or dry rot herbs.

Doubleness – it is a viral disease, then cancer man, the pathogen is in the plant itself. And he transported bodies in motion juices. All properties of the culture change at the genetic level: the form of leaves, petals, their color, the smell, the ability to bear fruit.

Prevention should begin with the selection of healthy seedlings. Conduct regular destruction in the garden aphids and mites currant are the main virus carriers. Feeding potassium and phosphorus fertilizers will increase the stability of bushes of currants to this disease.

Treatment is more complicated – early stage is not always possible to identify in time. So often one cut will not do – will have to completely remove the diseased tree.

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