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cultivation →

Among gardeners, this plant has several names («Eustoma» , «Irish rose», «Lisianthus»), the resemblance of the rose catches the eye.

The flower belongs to the family gentianaceae, eustoma iradiate to you in the garden and home.

Flowers have many colors, the leaves are elliptical in shape. Depending on the variety can grow up to 70cm.

For the home environment suitable container varieties (up to 30cm).

Breeders from around the world worked to develop new hybrids and varieties of eustoma, and the result has been to bring different varietal series with different color of flowers.

Among them:»Kyoto» F1 — series undouble («White», «Picota Wine red», «blue», «Pink»), «Twinkie» F1 – white, pink, yellow, light purple. «Mermaid» F1 (white, pale pink, purplish-pink, blue, purple). «Sapphire» F1 («blue Chip»), (Terry sort of «Double white»).

«Echo» F1 – plush series ( salmon pink sort of «champagne», «Pink Picote», «blue», «White», «Yellow», «Pink rim», «Blue», «Blue»). «Cinderella» F1.

Cultivation →


The gardeners grow eustoma mainly as a perennial, but can be cultivated as an annual and flowers. At their summer cottage eustoma placed in partial shade.

Growing in greenhouses for these colors create the conditions with wet and fresh climate. In greenhouses and greenhouses eustoma grows much better than in the open ground.

At home in closed and insulated balconies with poor ventilation and dry air cultivation of eustoma maybe not a rare case when the plant dies.

You should also give importance to lighting, these flowers need bright but diffused light.

With no grasp of light eustoma growing worse, it decreases the number of embedded buds, and some may dry up, do not open.

The optimal temperature in summer

cultivation →

20-25°C, winter 10-15°C.

When choosing containers for the cultivation of eustoma use optimal the dishes do not take too much. At the bottom be sure to put a drainage layer.

The flower prefers light soil with pieces of charcoal. The soil must be constantly damp.

Growing eustoma, don’t forget about fertilization, depends on the development and flowering of the plants.

You can buy them in a specialty store.

Seeds of this beautiful flower you can not only buy, but to get Mature plants.

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