Cultivation of radish and its useful properties

cultivation of radish and its useful properties

Radish begins the season of fresh vegetables that are so needed for our body.

Its useful properties is invaluable, and bright look adorns our meals and uplifting.

It is used mainly in salads and okroshka.

Radishes are good because over the summer you can remove the crop.

Depending on the growing period varieties of this vegetable ranges from 18 to 30 days.

Useful properties

Radish has a beneficial effect in diseases of the heart, blood vessels, atherosclerosis, diseases of the joints. When you use reduces cholesterol, it removes heavy metals from the body.

Radish is rich in vitamins C, e, PP, and it has more protein than other vegetables. It has a lot of phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium. All useful parts of this plant: tuber, leaves, root.

Growing radishes

It all depends on the region and characteristics of spring. In the middle zone are sowing the seeds in the ground in early may, the earth needs to be warmed up 3-4 degrees, and the external temperature of 15-18 degrees.

The soil for radishes need light and loose. Seeds are planted at a depth of about 2 cm at a distance of 8-12 see

But as seed germination is different, it is best to plant them thicker, and then as needed to thin out. If you want to harvest the entire holiday season, the new seeding should be carried out through 10-14 days after the previous one.

You need to consider that radishes don’t like heat, and the dry land. In April and may, he’s better in a Sunny spot. In September the heat is gone, and then it is also better to plant in the sun.

But in the summer he needs some place in the shade. Watering should be abundant and regular, otherwise the fruits will begin to crack.

Contraindications radishes

Very carefully should eat radish people with intestinal problems, gout, thyroid disease. And even if you have health is all right, do not abuse them.

What can you make out of radish

It’s mostly salads, which can be very different components. But radish has a specific taste, so it’s best not to overload the prepared dish extra components.

Dressing can be very different: the sour cream, vegetable oil, mayonnaise. The radish goes well with greens, boiled eggs, fresh cucumbers and okroshka he looks great.

If you follow all the rules of sowing seeds of radishes and care for him, you will be throughout the summer season to have this wonderful vegetable on your table.

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