Cultivation of mulberry (mulberry tree in the garden


Mulberry belongs to the mulberry family, which integrates about ten types of plants.

But of which only two can relatively feel comfortable in Russia.

These include: «mulberry white» and «black mulberry».

Gardeners appreciate this culture for a decorative, useful and tasty fruit and high disease resistance.

Two types of a large spread of «W. white». This is quite a tall tree with a striking pyramidal crown, strewn with leaves.

In the spring the young leaves are dark green in color have an emarginate lamina, and the fall leaf color gradually acquires a straw-yellow hue.

Depending on the variety, trees can be separated fruit and samoplodnye. So to be sure to get a harvest, it is advisable to put the male and female specimens.

The life expectancy of the mulberry more than 300 years, and fruiting begins in the 3rd year after planting.

By passing these qualities «sh. white» able to withstand drought and has good winter hardiness.

In Siberia and Northern Russia, this culture is best grown in closed greenhouses, the main thing that the temperature did not fall below -25 to -30°C.

In the case of freezing of some branches in the spring before the buds swell, they need to be cut to the living areas and fertilize trees with nitrogen fertilizers.

The mulberry is excellent and can serve as hedges, especially because it almost does not require highly fertile soil.

«W. black» a more gentle culture is not capable of withstanding dry periods and frosts. It is suitable only for the southern regions.

Mulberry fruits are rich in vitamins, contain pectin, choline and rutin, which is necessary to maintain the health of the heart. The berries are consumed fresh and for cooking various dishes.

The best grade among most gardeners considered «White honey». Trees fruit regularly and abundantly. The berries resemble raspberries, juicy and delicious. Hardy variety can withstand up to -32°C. exacting To soil.

To plant the trees necessary in areas with good lighting, better on the southern slopes and protected from winds. Mulberry is afraid of waterlogging, it is also necessary to consider that when planting.

If groundwater is near the surface, less than 1 metre, planted mulberry trees is impossible. Optimal depth of groundwater is more than 1.5 m.

Mulberry saplings are planted in in advance prepared hole slightly larger than root system.

For the best survival at the bottom of the pit poured fertile soil with the addition of superphosphate. After

Cultivation of mulberry

sprinkle with substrate and lightly compacted. Abundantly watered and mulch with peat.

The first season until the plants are young, the care – weeding, fertilizing and watering.

After rooting you can begin to formation of the crown by trimming.

In the spring it is also necessary to carry out sanitary pruning, removing dry, broken, frozen and shoots growing inside the crown.

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