Cultivars names and description

Sortie of Jorgen

Dahlias, native to Mexico, long cultivated in Russia.

Thanks to the efforts of breeders, each year the number of varieties has been growing steadily and today exceeds 15,000.

Dahlias are double, semi-double and nemahrovye. Depending on the shape of the inflorescences of the cultivars are divided into several groups.

Dahlia varieties


  • anemone, in the form similar to anemones belong to the Terry group, the core of tubular flowers; dressing they give several rows of ray flowers surrounding the core. This type includes tall white Dahlia Freya’s Paso Doble, undersized Purpinka purple, Golden, Vera Higgins, red Comet, purple-yellow Lucy;


  • collar – refer to the semi-double group, interesting bicolor coloration of inflorescences, consisting of large outer petals and an inner «collar» of the smaller petals of a different color. Collar yellow petals surround a tubular core. Common varieties: red-yellow Dahlia Clair de Lune white Dahlia Bridal Bouquet, Golden — orange Dahlia Esther, Magenta, yellow Dahlia Fashion Monger, red-white Dahlia Libretto;


  • cactus – Dahlia varieties that are members of the rabid types. These include Young Love, has white buds with purple tips; luxuriantly blooming dark pink Nepal; tall Karma Red Corona with orange-red flowers and dark leaves;


  • spherical and pompon dahlias, forming dense Terry inflorescences similar to balls. Have pompon dahlias they are smaller. The bushes are usually low-growing, suitable for planting in borders. Popular dahlias: pale lilac Franz Kafka, Burgundy with white trim William Little, purple-pink Mary’s Jomanda, a bright red Nescio;


  • decorative dahlias are in turn subdivided inflorescence size for subgroups from giant to tiny. Characterized by a wide flowers arranged in a spiral and closing the core. Tall large grade: Almand»s Joy with lilac flowers, orange-red By George, yellow-purple with white tips Carribean Fantasy. Medium-sized inflorescence is yellow — red Dynastie, Kyoto Burgundy with light longitudinal stripes, pale pink with lilac tint Onesta. Have a small pink flowers Abridge Cultivars names and description

    Porcelai. Dwarf cultivars of this group are good for container growing. Of them fairly popular orange-and-Magenta Gallery Art Deco, purple-pink, Gallery Art Nouveau, red Melody Mango, Golden with dark leaves Odyssee, orange win bronze leaves Moonfire.

In addition to these there are chrysanthemoides peony and dahlias with flowers like peonies and chrysanthemums, nampanya species that resemble water lilies. Popular among gardeners annual low group dahlias Mignon, have a simple inflorescence.

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