Cucumber diseases treatment

Diseases of cucumbers

Vegetable crops are very susceptible to climatic conditions, is the cause of many diseases.

So often this culture is recommended to be grown in shelters (heated greenhouse or just under the film).

Cucumber diseases may occur due to improper farming practices.

Cucumber diseases and their treatment

To protect the yield of cucumber from diseases, you must constantly inspect plants developing on the leaves.

Of the pests most often the culture of the annoying cucumber bugs. Spider mites also preferred to «eat» greenhouse plants.

But of the traditional ills many varieties of this crop, it is possible to call cucumber mosaic, powdery mildew, atraktos, different types of rots, Fusarium, cladosporiosis, scab.

To avoid these problems by conducting timely preventive measures. The treatment should start at the very first symptoms of the disease of cucumbers.

Powdery mildew

Most affected are cucumbers from powdery mildew. The main reason for its occurrence is incorrect farming: excess moisture or, conversely, drying out, extreme temperatures, excess of nitrogen in the soil or calcium deficiency. These shortcomings can be anticipated and addressed in time.

Making the next «revision» in the garden, pay attention to the stems and leaves of plants. If you notice there is a powdery bristles grayish color, then discovered the mycelium of cucumber diseases.

Often affects young bushes, they are less resistant to the disease are stunted, lose their shape, fade and die.

Should be treated by any known systemic fungicide: Bordeaux liquid, soda ash, colloidal sulfur, iron sulfate, figona, Axioma.

Those who are trying to grow ecological products, we can recommend biological remedies: mullein infusion or decoction of marigold or horsetail.

Remarking on the cucumber powdery mildew, plant culture on a «diet». Exclude from the diet of fertilizers containing nitrogen. But phosphate and potash fertilizer should be increased.

FusariumRelated cucumber beds must to do superficially «sees the root» in the truest sense. Fungi often affect the roots and adjacent neck. First to react the adjacent part of the plant (lower leaves and stem) – first there is yellowness, then the Bush wilt and quickly die.

Sometimes you see patients at sites pink pads is sporanos. Root collar covered with black. If the stem of a diseased plant is cut, you can see a distinct ring is a fungal infection that affects the blood vessels.

Unfortunately, treatment with this disease of cucumbers makes no sense.

Cucumber diseases and their treatment

Affected plants have to be destroyed, and the whole bed process with liquid Bordeaux, copper oxychloride, iron sulfate, formaldehyde and other fungicides.

The following year, on the section cucumbers (and related culture) it is better not to plant.

Seeds, bulbs and tubers of other plants should be mandatory before boarding etch.

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