Cruciferous flea — control measures

Cruciferous flea beetles

With the usual flea in cruciferous flea beetles have nothing in common.

Only the hind legs, like a grasshopper, with which they jump.

Varieties of cruciferous flea beetles are numerous. Different color and size.

Lives everywhere except the far North. This is a very dangerous pest of cruciferous plants.

In the winter the beetles go under fallen leaves or remnants of cut branches. When the snow melts, cruciferous fleas leave the shelter and feed on weeds.

Once gardeners — gardeners are starting to plant the seedlings on their plots, and beetles crawl there. Bite the leaves, leaving holes. But if the plant is young, to gnaw holes. After that the plant dies.

Depending on the species, the cruciferous flea beetle lays eggs in certain places: the leaves, roots, but most of all in the land.

Hatched larvae eat young roots. Then they pupate and after 12 days there are new bugs. Cruciferous flea beetles gives three generations.

The pest eats not only the leaves but also buds, seed pods, thus bringing the expense of the yield. Therefore, in the autumn, the soil should be deeply dug.

While on the surface, the beetles die from the cold. In the spring, as soon as the weed goes, they need to remove not only the garden but also outside it. You need to carefully collect seeds of the weeds so they don’t come down again.

The later cabbage plants will be planted with greenhouses, the less they will be amazed by the flea. In June, the number of cruciferous flea beetles reduced.

Cruciferous flea — control measures

This pest deter sharp smell. So sometimes the plants watered a small amount of water to which are added infusions of garlic, wormwood, leaves of tomatoes, tansy.

It is useful to sprinkle ash on the ground, a shag or ground pepper. Such pollination is carried out every 4-5 days. You can spray plants with a weak solution of vinegar.

The control measures include traps: a small piece of cardboard smeared with honey or grease and put it next to the plant. Getting on the sticky cardboard, cruciferous fleas stick.

Cruciferous flea - control measures

If the plant is discovered more than 4 beetles need to use pesticides. A lot of them. Therefore, choosing a drug it is necessary to test it on the plant.

To fight not ogranichivaya one type of drug. This will give greater effect. If there’s rain, the treatment plants need to be repeated.

Before applying plant protection products, you need to carefully read the instructions, as the drug can be harmful not only to the cruciferous flea beetle, but also for humans.

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