Countryside at the cottage

Landscape design

Dacha is the place where we spend a lot of time in the warm season and, as a rule, the warm season starts from may and ends in early October.

Thus, it turns out, five months out of the year we actually live in the country.

Five months, respectively, it consider half of the year, that is half our life’s in our country house.

So think about how to make their time useful and pleasant, makes sense.

After all, when we are surrounded by beautiful countryside, created with his own hands, it warms the soul in twins.

In the first place in the country, of course, you must do the planting of flowers. Because giving flowers is not giving.

Planting flowers is better to make the hills, so they will looks better. Now very fashionable Alpine slides, the scheme of consciousness which can be viewed on the Internet.

You can also organize a Conservatory of climbing flowers. This can be done with two sticks and an old Hoop or half of the wheel from the bike.

Let the bindweed on this simulated arc and your view will constantly rejoice in this beauty. Also using such a simulated floral arches the site will be divided into zones, for example, separate area flower club with a mini fountain from the area with the beds.

In the same way you can highlight the area or to indicate the entrance to it. The area is best done in some secluded spot of the yard, for example, a wall of the house, garage or shed.

Given our climate, it would be useful to provide in the area of the canopy. Of course, it would be great if it was sliding or removable because sometimes you want to sunbathe, especially on Sunny days.

Countryside at the cottage

In the recreation area will provide a place for a bonfire. It can be just a good grill set or a big bowl in which to make a fire for heating and / or romance, and you can put it along the skewer with a kebab and spend the evening under a canopy with a delicious barbecue.

Beds with herbs and vegetables you can take the form of wicker baskets. The most convenient form for weaving a square or rectangle.

For that you will need only the long branches of trees that you will probably be after spring you will be to get their garden in order.

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