Country house for canadian technology

country house for canadian technology

At least once in the life of any family is faced with the desire of construction a country house, one of the options (building on the canadian technology).

Due to bad environmental conditions, problems with the neighbors and other factors, more and more of our compatriots want to leave the apartment and move outside the city to the country in a private wooden house.

In recent years, most construction firms offer their clients the new technologies of construction of frame low-rise buildings.

The most popular and reliable technology is considered canadian. The country house this technology in our country began to use relatively recently, though in other countries it has been used for several decades.

With the emergence of this new construction took on a whole other level. Houses built on the canadian technology, have relatively high cost and are built for 3…6 months.

The popularity of this method is associated with unique properties of building material. In these houses cozy, warm and comfortable in any season.

These buildings meet all health, building and environmental standards, and are also very good.

The construction is carried out in several stages. First frame is assembled, then it is insulated and is set on a solid Foundation.

From the outside the walls are upholstered OSB panel and insulated with special material that helps to protect the house from humidity and increases its operational life.

The next step is the alignment of internal walls with sheets of drywall, and then finishing and finishing. After the installation of ventilated facade of siding, brick or other finishing materials, the building takes on a representative form.

Such country houses can be built on weak soils and problem areas without additional Foundation, as they have very lightweight construction.

Such a structure has another wonderful quality, namely, air heating. In these houses there are no external pipes and radiators, and heat is distributed by the duct system that is connected to a Combi boiler.

This boiler is considered to be very simple to use, convenient and cost effective, and it has

building on the canadian technology

the climate control, which allows you to use the remote to adjust the humidity and temperature.

In addition, these homes have air conditioning, ionizer, and air filter.

On the canadian technology built country house, offices, and other low-rise buildings of any purpose.

Within six months the client receives clean, warm, durable and comfortable home that is equipped with advanced technology.

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