Country barbecue with their hands

barbecue with their hands

Trip to the cottage for us involves not only taking care of flowers and flower beds but also with active rest, go fishing, mushrooming, and in the evening we love to sit in the gazebo and admire the beautiful sunset.

For rest is not enough stationary grill, and I got a great idea to do a stationary barbecue in your own hands with a hearth and a cupboard.

Preparation and mixing

First, I drew a drawing of the future building, stocked with tools and necessary materials: sand, cement, bricks, boards and so on.

From the site under the cages removed the top layer of soil to a depth of 20 cm Filled the depression with gravel and a well-stamped, and the top filled with concrete mortar.

The result was the Foundation pad is level with the lawn. The Foundation was mixed 1 part cement with 3 parts sand and 1 of sand.

Next weekend, when the solution froze, chalk drew on it the outline of the future the grills. Between the grill for frying and walls left, 2 cm on each side.

For brick masonry used cement mortar for fireplaces and stoves, which I bought at the hardware store.

The very brick laying was done by the traditional scheme. Before laying the bricks soaked in water. On the vertical seams left by 10mm.

Roaster and nightstand

While cement mortar is not frozen, put the hooks for the braziers that are pre-manufactured of thick wire.

Did the same in the bed Department, so you can put a shelf, and put it on skewers, utensils and different accessories for the grills. The lower part of the division tables is designed for wood, and the top performs the functions of the table.

As the shelf approached the Board thickness 15mm., I sawed the desired length, bonded together. To door also used the same Board width of 150mm.

Wooden parts treated with fine emery paper, bold wood dust and 4 layer plated furniture Polish.

So many layers is because the barbecue for a year will be on the street, and the tree need a reliable protection from moisture.

Braziers made of valves by means of the welding machine and several electrodes. Before you install the treated welds with a file.

Now we have in the country stationary barbecue made with their own hands, and in the evenings when the whole family gathers at the gazebo for a barbecue, I realize that not in vain were spent forces, time and money.

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