Cottage or garden house?

garden budynochok

With the beginning of the spring season, more and more people are starting to think about creating for the city a comfortable and quiet place to stay.

This, of course talking about the suburban area, in a picturesque place with a small garden house, vegetable garden and garden.

Popular cottagesthat are quick and easy to build. It is with these types of homes it all starts.

For garden structures include:

  • The shed is suitable for storing needed items and garden tools, as well as changing rooms and a short rest while working in the garden. Inside mounted folding chairs, table and sunbeds.
  • House of the beekeeper is installed in the apiary, suitable for a seasonal residence and storage related things. This house is small in dimensions, little more than cabins.
  • Collapsible garden house, designed garden house

    for a longer time to relax with family and friends.

In size it is considerably larger than the previous one, and may even have 2 floors. Many companies offer installation services of these houses.

In addition to mobile garden houses, there are stationary country houses, designed for the period of use, in which you can live in a comfortable environment.

To country houses include:

  • country house House of logs or timber, great place to stay in the country. Such buildings are quickly built, and relatively inexpensive. They do not require a strong Foundation, and plus the fact that remain cool in summer, and cool season keeping you warm.

On the roof, usually created attic room.

  • Frame houses are also well suited to give. With this technology you can build solid 2-storey cottage. The main advantage of such buildings is the speed of building and affordability. Unlike brick and concrete houses, is a lightweight Foundation. They are quite reliable and warm, have an aesthetic appearance.
  • Still popular are the cottages of concrete blocks and bricks. These country house

    materials ensure durability and high strength and is resistant to weather phenomena.

  • Perhaps a multi-storey building and various interior views. The disadvantage of such buildings for a long time of information, we need reinforced Foundation and good insulation. Also a lot of attention requires internal finishing. Home of these materials intended for long-term and permanent residence.


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