Construction bath with his hands

The construction of a bath

Almost everyone would like at the cottage, in the suburban area or near a private house having a private bath.

After all, it is a wonderful way to spend leisure time with friends, family or just relax after a hard day’s work.

Especially, if bath built with his own hands rest in her will be doubly pleasant.

Before the building need to choose the location for the bath.

It should be about eight feet from such structures as houses, garages, sheds, etc as there are many cases when the fire in the cabin fire could spread to nearby buildings.

After you have chosen the area, you can start planning to think about the dimensions of the baths and about the design inside, also you can just buy any project online.

The stages of construction baths

The next step will be the laying of the Foundation, mainly in the construction of baths used by the Foundation, the ribbon-type, then the fill must be completely dry and Mature, and that requires a lot of time from one month to one year, the more the safer, guaranteed not to happen shrinkage of the building.


This is followed by the construction of the cap, material for which is most often used brick, and should lay the Foundation waterproofing can be used for this roofing material.

Upon completion of the cap should lay waterproofing to the wall of the bath is not filled with moisture.

For the construction of the walls of the baths, often use wooden blocks, stacking them in rows, but it is recommended to use the intermediate Mat in order to not show the cracks.

For laying the floor will also need wooden beams, on which lay planks, nailed it all the usual nails.

The next step is to install a furnace, for it basically always suggest the use of red brick. You should decide where and how the furnace will be located, and should not be released from memory fire safety.

Such baths are best suited gable roof, which is very easy to build and it will last for many years.

For construction it is necessary to lay the beam on the wall, and then use truss system. To cover the roof will be the profile sheet.

Construction bath with his hands

What drain hole under the bath to do a depth decided by the owner, inside the walls are often draped with brick, which is laid in a checkerboard pattern.

The last step will be installation of Windows and doors, as well as is to insulate the basement and walls, and then sheathing waterproofing the ceiling and walls again.

The main construction work is completed, there are only interior trim that is already subject to the preferences and imagination of the owner.

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