Conifers for the garden

Conifers for the garden

All known unique aroma of autumn apples.

Passing the garden it is possible to determine where a growing Stifel, Antonovka, or rare Golden rennet. But it is in late summer and autumn.

But in the summer on a background of many shades of the smell of flowers beats the scent of pine needles fills the garden, a flower garden and the whole property, especially after a warm summer rain.

And it is not necessary to go into the woods to see the mighty spruces, pines, junipers and enjoy their aroma.

Conifers have become very popular with landscape designers in the design of the HOMESTEAD area.

Many gardeners have already planted any seedlings of these plants, purchased at a local nursery. But those who still plans to do, will not prevent some tips.

Types of conifers

Experts suggest to draw a garden using different types of coniferous trees. These include:

Pine. Most of them are very high, with a spreading crown, requires a lot of space for growth.

Yew. Highly branched with a strong root system of the plant. Grow best in heavily shaded areas on the drained soils without acidity and waterlogging.

Cypress. Evergreen trees and shrubs with yellow and green needles. When breeding them be aware that yellow varieties should be planted in the sun and green shade.

Fir. A fast growing coniferous tree with a pyramidal crown. It is the most resistant conifers in relation to the ecological condition of the environment. So they are planted as a protective strip from the road if necessary.

Cedar. A special gift of nature with very powerful energy is cedar. Grows very slowly and does not like being alone.

Coniferous shrubs. Their advantage lies in the fact that it is always visible to the whole crown, that is low. Dwarf pine trees, numerous varieties of juniper, arborvitae, cypress, yew.

Place the plants in the garden

Each type of coniferous plants should be purchased for planting as part of smart design. Low-growing plants can beautifully delineate garden, garden, Playground, the location of the swing.

Alpine gardens, borders and conifer arches will benefit from this neighborhood. Spreading on the lawn of juniper or a single plant, designed for cutting and the creation of original compositions, a high fence from the large varieties of trees in the background, are increasingly found even in older suburban areas.

Composition of coniferous plants looks best when its distance from the observation point, is not less than two heights.

Care for conifers

The best time for planting conifers is the beginning of may. It is usually easier root seedlings local nursery, have a nice earthen without drying and waterlogging.

The presence of white fresh shoots says it is willing to seedlings before planting.

A healthy plant has an elastic needles. The hole for planting, make a mound and he gently put the plant, spreading root system. Sprinkle and soil is compacted. Watering of the new seedlings is carried out 1 time a week.

Conifers for the garden

All types of conifers like irrigation, especially in the evenings in the summer.

A small, spherical tree with red bark, called thuja occidentalis Danica planted in shady corners of the garden, in the flower bed, the lawn would be a miracle even the smallest garden. And lovely lilies, ferns and other plants will become even more beautiful.

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