Concrete floors: problems, specifications, repair


concrete floors

Since the development of modern construction, no structure is complete without structures use concrete.

Not the exception and overlap in the internal space of any object-a role played by so-called concrete floors.

Concrete floors are characterized primarily by the base consisting of concrete slabs, which have gone a long serial process from the creation of the solution and mix in the immediate casting into molds and curing.

Having a high initial strength, prepared concrete slab used in the construction of the structure, assuming the highest loadings of various types.

That is why the initial manufacturing process and use quality raw materials in the initial stages is the most important starting points in the success of the future project.

The main problems of technological process

Finished concrete floors, are produced by establishing on a concrete slab, cementitious screeds, as a rule, require careful and proper conducting of settlement and work.

In another case, after carrying out all stages in laying there are a variety of defects. The main problems of the process encountered in the organization and carrying out of works for laying of concrete mix are substandard materials and improper organization and conducting technological process.

Laying concrete is a process which consists in a strict sequence, sandwiched in the time frame and requires the accumulated practical experience.

The range of problems and defects

A negative result when a sufficient number of errors and the delay is not long to wait. So, the most pressing problems faced after improper performance of work on installation:

  • the settling of large aggregates of type
  • separation of mixture components
  • the formation of air cavities in the mass
  • an excessive amount of water
  • drawdown of concrete
  • low resistance to climatic influences
  • high abrasion and dusting

In case of such problems, repair of concrete floors are highly complex and have been completed the process will entail a lot of additional costs to resolve these problems.

With all this, do not forget about the calculation of the maximum future load on the coating, without which, the works on laying entails in most cases a failure.

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