Common diseases of red currant

diseases of red currant

Experienced gardeners know that red currants are disease resistant and undemanding shrub.

But, nevertheless, he could be in danger from fungal diseases.

The most common diseases of red currant: powdery mildew, Anthracnose, rust Basilicata.

Diseases of red currant

From powdery mildew suffers more white currants, red less common, but if this fungus will hold in your bushes to get rid of it will be quite problematic.

So often inspect leaves of red currant bushes nearby and other cultures.

First the disease appears on the leaves, then the berries and branches. It happens in may, the leaves begin to be covered with white bloom.

If the conditions are favorable for fungus, that is humidity and temperature between 18 º C-20 º C, the disease spreads quickly and I damaged the whole Bush of red currants.

Spores are dispersed by insects and wind. Obvious signs of progressive disease, twisted leaves, reduced in size and eventually wither. There is a massive shedding of immature fruits.

To protect plants from powdery mildew, in the fall should be cut infected shoots, which is important to burn. We can’t leave them on the site.

In the preventive purposes the bushes can be treated with a solution of ash. The ratio of 2,4-2,6 kg of wood ash per 10 l bucket of water. The treatment is carried out in several stages with an interval in 2 weeks.

The first early spring after flowering. Another fungal pathogen and the enemy red currant Anthracnose. Mainly evident on older leaves, as the distribution moves to the shoots.

To determine the disease can be yellowish-green and dark brown spots. The leaves also curl and fall off. Bush looks charred.

The distinguishing feature of the Anthracnose fungus from the others is the appearance of brown holes on the stalks. If you run the disease, by the fall the shrub will remain without leaves.

The berries are not damaged, but in 5-6 years, the plant will die. To combat Anthracnose carry out deep digging of the soil in the fall and sprayed the soil and the Bush Bordeaux liquid.

Fungus – Basilicata rust. In the spring spores of this disease are red currant fall on young leaves and twigs. After some time appear reddish spots.

The yield is markedly reduced, fruits fall down not dozrevaya. To stop the disease, it is necessary to handle the bushes Bordeaux liquid and remove infected shoots.

Weeding of the soil around the plant is mandatory. When planting red currants try to avoid wetlands and areas not ventilated areas.

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