Common diseases of Anthurium

Anthurium diseases

It often happens that the growers followed all the rules of care for Anthurium, but the flower still looks sick and no matter how they tried, the plant dies.

This is due not only can be pests and diseases of Anthurium, the cause may be excessive concern.

The flower is not necessary to overfeed with fertilizers and tinctures popular recipes.

Give the plant a rest from your worries, and then try to understand the reason for the depressed state.

Anthurium diseases

Visually inspect the soil and plants to detect pests. If signs of their presence are not seen, and the soil is not constantly wet or a dry state, it is necessary to remove the Anthurium from the pot and inspect the root system.

Many flower pests do not come to the surface, and there are great on the roots.

Immediately inspect the root system, if she is healthy, but fills the whole earth com, you should think about transplanting flower to another larger container with the addition of soil. Maybe he just closely.

If you find rotten and limp roots, remove them and after planting to reduce watering. In the presence of dry roots, on the contrary, you should increase the watering.

Maybe the Anthurium just is not enough light or the air is very dry. In this case, to increase the illumination and carry out regular spraying.

In the summer it is possible the plant got burns from the sun, then ensure her protection. Wipe leaves with a damp cloth or sponge, if they are gathering dust.

It may also be a cause of the disease of Anthurium, disturbed respiration. Even «bathing» of the leaves is preferably carried out regularly, at least once a month.

This procedure is infusion of chamomile or tobacco, will reduce the risk of aphids, mites and disease-causing ticks. The pot must be clean, mold timely remove.

The yellowing of leaves of Anthurium

Manifested in the lack of light, lack of nitrogen, a rare watering or high water hardness. If the leaves turn yellow and the veins remain green, most likely a magnesium deficiency or iron. It is a disease called chlorosis.

When the sun burn on the leaves appear whitish-brown spots. If there is a bright spot, so the water is very cold and the room temperature is low.

Fungal diseases of Anthurium

At high humidity and the constant presence of water droplets on the leaves may develop gray mold, begin to rot some parts, while covered with gray bloom. Pay attention to correct watering.

When yellowing of leaves formed on the inner side pale gray attacks, evidence of disease – powdery mildew. The leaves become smaller, the internodes become shorter.

If on top of a sheet of Anthurium, there are bright spots, and brown on the bottom, it says about the disease called rust. In severe cases the leaves wither.

The development of root rot may occur due to high humidity. Explore the root of the flower, the illness will be given a brown or red color of the roots. The plant may die.

In identifying one of the diseases of Anthurium, it is necessary to resort to fungicides. You have to acquire the drug and to follow the instructions. You may also want to make pesticide.

The most popular drugs among gardeners: fundazol, topsin, inlet, vitaros, Topaz, etc. For the treatment of colors these drugs are harmless, but do not use them for garden and garden plants used for food.

One treatment is not always enough to get rid of the disease, watch flowers for two weeks, repeat if necessary.

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