Common chicory (leaf, root) cultivation and its medicinal properties

chicory salad (leaf)

Common chicory is a plant with a large and thick root that grows many years the same place adorns the garden is blue and sometimes pink flowers.

In the wild it can be found more often in Ukraine and Central Asia, at least in almost all parts of the world.

Currently receive a sufficient number of varieties of lettuce and chicory root.

Salad chicory, doctors advise to eat people suffering from diabetes or those who are prescribed diet.

But the root varieties are going to manufacture the constituent parts of the coffee drinks or as a separate substance – a substitute for real coffee.

The roots are cleaned, finely cut and fry, then add in coffee, coffee drinks.

Medicinal properties of chicory ordinary speak for themselves. It is able to increase appetite and to lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients, improve digestion and induce diuretic effect, normalize the metabolism and affect the body as a laxative.

If you or your loved ones are present liver disease, increased spleen, or kidneys hurt, no chicory in your home will not do!

All know how hard it is to get rid of boils. But it is not that people’s best assistant in this case – the chicory root!

chicory root

Chicory is well eaten by cattle and belongs to the great honey plants. Per hectare plantings of chicory get a hundred pounds of delicious honey.

The roots and leaves of chicory ordinary contain large quantities of proteins, fructose, inulin, glucoside cichoriin and fatty oil. Chicory grows on any land, but the best yields are produced on loam and sandy loam soils.

The fall will be helpful to make manure and mineral fertilizers in the spring.

This plant loves the sunlight, so the plot need him to take open space on the South side of the site.

It is able to reproduce both by cuttings and seeds. Seeds are sown thickly that each plant could get enough nutrition and light.

And the root cuttings are planted on a bed with a distance of twenty centimeters. Those plants that grow in the garden, in the country already not the first year, start to grow quite early in the spring, and the beginning and duration of flowering depends on the weather.

The time period is very wide: from mid-June to August. The average growing season lasts about six months.

To collect the seeds of chicory, dry days and take turns. Each plant chicory comes to degree Mature at different times, therefore collection should be gradual.

The harvested chicory can be spread out to dry on a thick canvas or tarp. Dried seeds should be cleaned of debris and impurities.

And the roots should be dug and cleaned from the tops. The tops can be given to cattle, and rhizomes for planting is to plant in containers filled with soil and for use in the food to dry in the open air to a state of brittleness.

Store dried roots of chicory is best in paper bags.

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