Commelina tuber (Commelina tuberosa)

Commelina tuber (Commelina tuberosa)

Among garden plants, few can boast of sky-blue flowers.

Therefore, each new product in a blue color attracts attention.

From that of Commelina firmly takes its place in the flower beds at the cottage.

The first time I bought it in the spring. In the grid were some shriveled, but, I believe, live nodules.

Of the three thrown into the box on the balcony have sprouted only one, but first, I that was glad.

Although the description in Commelina had to be erect shrubs, I got them from a box hanging down. In appearance the plant resembles tradescantia, and then I learned that before the systematics and attributed it to this genus, calling, blue tradescantia.

Now she has a «name» of Commelina tuber, or sky blue (Commelina tuberosa). Wait for the flowering had for a long time.

Some small blue flowers blossomed only at the end of August. Apparently, they didn’t have enough time, too long they sprouted.


Flowers were few, but very beautiful colors — really thick sky blue. Flowers open up to about 3-4 hours a day.

And since the buds were not enough, flowering quickly ended, and then the first frost came, killing the entire aboveground part.

The tubers in the box was very small, so I decided not to save them, and missed since a long time and then could not purchase the planting material.

But last year I bought a seed mix of colors: blue, white and pink-purple. Sowed them. Friendly shoots appear after about two weeks.

The leaves were narrow and looked more like cereal than the leaves of tradescantia. Grew up the ladder relatively quickly, and planted the plants flowered already in July.

The bloom continued all summer. Commelina can be used in the garden as a groundcover. But I like it better as a hanging plant, hanging pots.

To be honest, the flowers in her too small, but the leaves are beautiful. Therefore it is better to plant in pots and other plants with small flowers below not scored, the tender flowers Commelina.

Plants will show itself in all its glory, if you place pots in the sun or in partial shade light. The land for planting should be nutritious, and for a long time did not dry up, is to add a bit of the hydrogel.

Maybe I did something wrong, but the large tubers, which could be kept and used next year for planting, and plants from seed failed. The story was repeated.

Probably in the suburbs they do not have time to grow large. In some references Commelina tuber is recommended to grow in greenhouses. And why not? After all, it is very similar to tradescantia.

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