Columnar Apple trees and their varieties

columnar Apple tree - the Moscow necklace

Columnar Apple trees can not be confused with the ordinary, they can be easily recognized by a low growth rate, thick trunk and a small number of side branches.

All varieties of columnar Apple trees have short branches that grow at an acute angle along the trunk.

All the wood is covered with short branches, the ends of which are formed flower buds.

By the autumn of columnar Apple varieties like the columns covered with fruit.

Columnar Apple trees and their varieties

Almost all varieties of Apple trees have a high yield and precocity.

Even annual the columnar Apple tree, which, with a height above the meter gives a yield of up to 5 kg, and Mature trees several times exceed the capabilities of conventional Apple trees.

Occupying not much space in the fruit garden in the country. Though of course this culture is not without its flaws.

They are very afraid of cold, thick trunk in winter may suffer from rodents. Therefore, in winter the columnar varieties of Apple trees need a safe shelter and protection.

Another feature, a rich harvest will be on dwarf rootstock and supercartoon. Trees grafted on Antonovka wilding or Anise, this result does not give, and the column will not turn.

Special caution should be observed when selecting seedlings

column-Yabluniv - President

a distinctive feature of columnar Apple varieties on dwarf rootstock, root system, unlike ordinary apples, these trees it is fibrous and has virtually no large vertical branches.

The trunk should be thick with a height of 70-80cm. Apple trees in containers survive better, however, begin to bear fruit only 3-4 years.

Grow and care for the columnar Apple trees is the same as for ordinary. The first varieties of Apple trees were bred in Canada not so long ago, and today already withdrawn more than 100 varieties of this beautiful culture, which she successfully won the love of gardeners from around the world.

In our country, columnar Apple trees, also found its place. Gardeners like the good taste of the fruit and ripening.

In Russia the best varieties of columnar Apple trees are recognized: «Vasyugan», «President», «the amber necklace», «Moscow necklace», «Malyukh», «Currency».

Dear gardeners, do not forget that to obtain a good harvest of the columnar Apple trees and other horticultural crops, the necessary care and feeding of fertilizer throughout the summer season.

Wish you success in this interesting and exciting business.

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