Color care at home


Color – a common and easy for home maintenance plant.

It belongs to the family gesneriaceae.

The leaves are oblong, to 15 cm long, fleecy surface, toothed on the edge.

The bell-shaped flowers of various colors that is of interest for the decoration – in one pot to plant plants of different colors.

Color is easy to maintenance, enhances the interior and is suitable for young gardeners – children.

Growing Kohler

 Location and lighting

The plant likes a lot of light, however, direct sunlight is not desirable to avoid burns.

In the winter, if the color hasn’t fallen into a period of rest, the light should be as large as possible, suitable South window.


Summer in the range of 20 — 25°C, winter 15 – 17°C. it is Undesirable to put where a lot of drafts from them on the leaves may appear dark spots.

Watering and humidity

Moderate watering color even in spring and autumn, the ground should not be too wet, to avoid rotting of the root system.

To humidity undemanding, can tolerate dry air, although in areas with high humidity grows better.

Water dripping does not like, therefore, to increase the humidity around the pot placed moss, which is periodically sprinkled with water or put on a tray with wet expanded clay.


As this plant blossoms, it need special fertilizers that contain trace elements, which stimulate the formation of buds.

In stores a wide range of liquid and dry fertilizer, you need to make them about once a week.

Transplantation and propagation

Color grows well, so to preserve the decorative appearance, require a transplant each year.

It is held in the spring, before the growth of roots carefully removed and placed in new soil.

In the composition of the soil includes loam, leaf mold, peat, sand for looseness. Land can be bought in gardening shops, suitable mixture for violets.

Pot is better to take a wide, but low at the bottom to make sure the drainage, the best material for this is a medium clay.

Reproduction is simple even for the novice zvetolyub – seed, terminal cuttings, division of the rhizomes.

Propagated at any time of the year, but in the spring the process is faster. Cuttings root in water or small pots with soil. Part of the roots sprinkled the ground and carefully watered until the seeds germinate.

Diseases and pests

Kohler rarely gets sick. May die if its too often and abundantly watered the lack of good drainage and at low temperature.

Sometimes she is attacked by spider mites and aphids. They are easy to handle, bought in specialized horticultural shops chemicals against pests.

Processing plants, be aware of their own safety. Leaves flowers tender, so to touch them once again, and dramatically not touch – they can be damaged and look scruffy.

The lack of lighting can start bad to bloom, to remedy the situation it is put on a bright place.

If the sheets appeared gray powder, it is rot. Urgently resort to the removal of affected leaves, do pruning, watering and reduce the humidity in the room.

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