Coleus care in the home


Coleus is popularly called a Chinese burn, as it is better known.

Widespread Coleus hybrid.

Ribbed barrel, down woody, the leaves with scalloped edges, pubescent.

It is through the leaves and love this plant – they come in a variety of variegated colors. Combining multiple types, you can get an interesting composition.

The flowers are small and purple, are not decorative value, it is better to remove so that they do not take power from the main plant.

Cultivation of Coleus

 Location and lighting

Plant photophilous. May be in the shadows, but did not get a bright and charming color and leaves. From the midday sun better pritenyat.

The number of required light is determined by the presence of the green pigment in the leaves – the smaller, the more you need light.


Krapivka completely unpretentious. Grows well at the temperature from 16 to 25°C. If the temperature in winter is too low, then it is likely the dropping of leaves and decay.

Watering and humidity

Need regular watering to prevent wilting of the leaves, otherwise the plant loses decorative, and some leaves may fall.

Water is better to defend, temperature, irrigation should be at room or slightly warmer. Responds well to rainwater.

In winter reduce the amount of watering, but the soil should not dry out. Pay attention to the temperature. If it is very cold, then pour rare.

Environment humidity prefers tall, can be sprayed with soft water (hard leave ugly stains).


In spring and summer, once a week, make the dressing. Better mineral. In winter, fertilize rarely, rapid growth will only spoil the appearance.

Transplantation and propagation

Transplanted in a neutral or slightly acidic soil. Take 4 pieces of sod and leaf soil, 2 parts humus, parts sand and peat. The plant is desirable to replant and renew annually to maintain decorative appearance.

Reproduction master even a child. Use cuttings and seeds. Seed propagation sometimes receive copies, a different color than the parent plant.

Cuttings root quickly in water or sand in the greenhouse (you can cover the glass jar). The roots appear through the week.

In one pot planted several cuttings, as it turns a beautiful Bush, especially if you use different varieties. Small seeds are sown in bowls, they germinate quickly and amicably.


Sometimes a Coleus attacked by aphids, spider mites or whiteflies. The leaves drop if the plant is hard to fill or, on the contrary, water is insufficient and irregular.

Because of the lack of light shoots stretched, and the bottom laid bare. Timely nipping the tops of the Coleus will return the original appearance.

In the adult plant the exposure of the branches of the normal is corrected by rejuvenation, i.e. by planting new cuttings.

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