Cofee — care at home


In the spring, when it begins to look in the window the sun, comes to life from its winter sleep a pot of Cofee Bush.

From this plant with the original flowers in the form of cigarette you can form any shape with a height of 50 cm

Plant care with the purpose of long flowering does not require special conditions and concerns. Cofee belongs to the family derenikovich.

It grows well in normal conditions of a city apartment. There are about 280 kinds of varieties of annual and perennial species.

Most popular for growing indoors is cofee varieties of fire – red, cinnabar – red, prostrate isopoliteia, lanceolate.

Despite the fact that the flower is not picky about growing conditions, experience of growers enthusiasts and professionals will always be useful. Their advice will help you to quickly learn the agricultural techniques of growing Cofee.

The cultivation of cofee


Location and lighting

For continuous flowering due to the constant updates of flower buds to the bright lights. Direct sunlight should not fall on the leaves of the plant.

The most appropriate place for it is Eastern or Western part. The room should be free of draught and well ventilated.


The most comfortable temperature of growing Cofee is 20 – 25°in summer and 15 to 18° in winter.

Watering and humidity

Water the flower frequently and liberally during the flowering period. Watering in the winter is rarely necessary. The flower is not picky about the humidity of the air, but spraying is sometimes likes.


Flowering Kufei become abundant when you make every 2 weeks of complete fertilizer at the rate of 20 g per bucket of water.

Transplantation and propagation

Growers for breeding Kufei use two agronomic options. The first is to not much rooting hardwood cuttings in the substrate, t is 20 – 23°C.

Put several plants in one pot. It should not be large. Once projivshii cuttings will go to growth must repeatedly pinch back branches. This technique achieves a beautiful lush and long blooming Bush.

The second method is to spring planting of seeds. They are not covered with earth, and use the hothouse of glass or package.

18 t -20°C they germinate quickly. The pick is carried out deep pots at a slight angle. Planted to a permanent place in June.

When you do this, bury a little more than they did. Every spring or summer to transplant the plants to another substrate.

When you do this, cut the old shoots and pinch out young. When you meet these simple requirements Mexican beauty with a Greek name is from early spring to late autumn to please the eye with its original colors.

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