Codiaeum (Croton) — care at home


The codiaeum or Croton is one of the most popular houseplants.

Striking feature of all members of the family Euphorbiaceae milky SAP in leaves and stems. Hence came the name of the Euphorbiaceae.

Thanks milky juice wounds on the plant in case of any damage.

Using the juice forms a film, dries quickly and prevents the penetration of various infections.

Growing codiaeum

 Location and lighting

Unpretentious flower, shade tolerant. It is best to place near Windows facing West or East side.

In order that the leaves were colored need a lot of sun. In the summer it is recommended to plant pritenyat from the sun, especially in the hottest hours.

In winter it is better to choose bright room, otherwise the lack of lighting will result in the loss of variegation of the leaves.


Codiaeum quite demanding plant. The room temperature should not be below 16°C.

Watering and humidity

The flower needs in abundant watering in spring and autumn, in winter reduce watering a bit.

When dry earthen coma, the abscission of leaves, though unwanted and excessive moisture. Water for irrigation is well defended.

This member of the family Euphorbiaceae likes moist air than is due to regular spraying and wash the leaves.


Needs special dressing fertilizers. Feeding is carried out every 14 days, begins in April and ends in August. Suitable fertilizer «Ideal» or «rainbow».

Transplantation and propagation

Spring is the perfect time for transplanting codiaeum, heavily overgrown specimens need to be transplanted every few years, not to forget about adding fertile substrate in the pot larger.

The mixture for planting include leaf mold, humus and sod land, peat and sand. All the components are taken in equal proportions, not hurt, and pieces of charcoal. To transplant need good drainage.

Reproduction of plants is by cuttings or seeds. Seed propagation is only applied in the hybridization. Stick method is much easier and is massive.

Pests and fight with them

The plant has a poisonous SAP, so pests, it is not to your taste, however, very dry air, the flower can be affected by scale insects or spider mites.

To get rid of spider mites the plant should be sprayed and constantly wash the leaves, especially the underside.

To wash using plain water and mild tobacco infusion with soap and water. If you use tobacco infusion of leaves in a few hours need a good wash with water.

For the destruction of the pest is used soap and tobacco solution, to which is added kerosene or denatured alcohol.

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