Climbing roses — care and cultivation

Climbing roses

Climbing roses betray the charm and individuality of each garden plot.

There are several types of climbing roses:many-Flowered on long, slender shoots formed brush small flowers.

They bloom very profusely, but unfortunately only once a season.

And in order to continue the decoration of the site climbing roses need to carefully select their time of flowering varieties.

Also the main drawback of these varieties is their tendency to fungal diseases, especially powdery mildew.

Grandiflora – have a more coarse and thick shoots. They appear large, occasionally even a few in the inflorescence of rose.

The advantage of these varieties is a multiple blooms in a season, and more easy care in cutting. Since flowers are formed on old and on last year’s shoots of roses.

Climbing roses — care and cultivation


Planting climbing roses

When selecting the location for planting should not forget that roses you will be covered for winter, so need to put them on a free site with regard to their growth.

And it should be Sunny, but remember that the flowers do not like drafts and waterlogged soils.

If you want with climbing roses make a blooming wall of your house, departing from the structure of a meter is the distance you need to ventilate the plants and protect the roots from drying out.

It is better to choose a variety of shade-tolerant, because they don’t like transplanting. Another interesting option you can think of, if not to cut down the old tree completely. Seated next climbing roses, you will receive an original flower garden.

In the landing pit, the root system should be free, and the plant should be for a day soak in water (preferably fully).

If your seedling climbing roses vaccinated, the vaccination site should be deepened by 5 cm Soil in the pit is mixed with humus and compost.

Before emergence of new shoots should protect the roots by hilling, and to make sure that the landing site was wet.

Garter climbing roses

All climbing roses need to be tied up. If the main branch of the plants to be tied up horizontally, the young shoots will grow up and when flowering it would be a good luxuriantly blooming fence or wall.

To the wind has damaged the plant should firmly tie it to the trellis. Don’t forget that roses with good care can bloom for more than 20 years, so a trellis or support for them should first do good.

Experienced growers arches for roses made from thick metal rod, so that the plant had good support for a long time.

Shelter for the winter

To cover winter climbing roses can be a variety of options. If your flowers braided arch, directly at her to cover them with spruce branches securing it with twine and tie the top with agrotextile.

Many make special boxes for small bushes. For wall or fence, you can use shields.

Climbing roses - care and cultivation

If possible, the removal of Bush supports remove all the leaves, the sick and the old shoots, pregiven Bush to the ground, fastening it in several places, and covered.

Also around the root need to pour the earth to protect it from freezing.

With careful care, fertilizing and spraying for protection from fungal diseases your climbing roses will delight for years to come.

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