Climbing plants for vertical gardening

Climbing plants for vertical gardening

A very popular element in landscape design prompted by the very mother nature.

Impenetrable forests of Malaysia and other tropical countries, twined Liana-type plants, reaching up showed that, taking up very little space on earth, they fill a huge space in their foliage and flowers.

Formed a green wall, which suggested the use of Patrick Blanc to create vertical planting gardens in cities. For this purpose a variety of climbing plants.

Indispensable are the creepers, which come with annual and perennial herbaceous and woody stems.

The small thickness of the flexible stalk, which possesses the ability of rapid growth, makes it easy to give the right direction for each trunk.

Perennials for vertical gardening

 Grapes maiden. Large size leaves that have a palmate shape and very beautiful purple color in autumn. The annual growth of the vine is 3 meters per year. She is well attached to any surface, even on glass.

Amur grape. In addition, the leaves of the purple colour in the fall on the lashes brush ripe delicious berries.

The grapes cultural. Winter-hardy varieties suitable for growing on the South side of buildings. This Is Isabella, Alpha, Guna, Silha.

Actinidia kolomikta. Tall plant with varying shades of leaves and healthy berries.

Actinidia polygamy. Has a beautiful silvery leaf color.

Drevogubets rotundifolia. Bright yellow large, leathery leaves and orange fruits growing vines look great on the green background of the foliage of other plants.

Climbing roses are of different colors. There are 6 subgroups of varieties of climbing roses. Of particular interest are repeatedly and continuously blooming roses subgroups of Klayming, and Cordes Lambert.

For example, continuously blooming variety Schwerin with red flowers or white Dumont.

Honeysuckle, clematis, hops, ivy, cobia, nightshade, kalistegiya fluffy makes any composition.

Annual vines for vertical gardening

Very often, when creating green walls, columns, pergolas, pyramids use fast-growing annuals.

Well-chosen flowering annuals adorn the green vines and completely fill the free space. This is morning glory, ornamental beans, peas, dolichos, creepers, thunbergia winged, climbing forms of nasturtium, petunias, pumpkin shaped, MOMORDICA and many others.

Types of vertical gardening

Landscape design has long become an interesting science that allowed us to build a system that defines rules for creating vertical gardening.

These include the creation of tracks through the vines, container plants or cut trees. The facades of the buildings change with the right choice of climbing species.

This way you can hide defects in construction, improve the overall appearance of the house, shed, gazebo, and designate the boundaries of the area or create a cosy green corners for children’s Playground or leisure.

A real decoration for any area are pots, plastic basket plants. Additional frames of wire used for fastening pots, allow to realize the most fantastic ideas of landscape designers.

A special place among them occupied the topiary or trimming of trees and shrubs.

Climbing plants for vertical gardening

It must be remembered that to obtain beautiful songs of the essential good care of the requirements of growing any kind of plants.

Abundant watering and fertilizing with a solution of mineral fertilizers will give the opportunity throughout the season to admire their hanging gardens.

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