Clematis — planting and care

clematis planting and care

Clematis some of the most original and beautiful weaving plant in the country, which will delight you with their blooms from may to September.

Are the flowers vertical decoration for fences, cabins, gazebos and so on.

Clematis will easily envelop the entire support to a height of 3 meters.

Shrub species of these plants is much lower, but they perfectly decorate the cottage.

Will look great mixed planting of several varieties of flowers, as the colours are very varied.

You can decorate your house with flowers cherry-red, white, purple. Very often there are two-tone combinations with a variety of shade, from light blue to purple flowers.

Clematis. Planting and care.

 Care for clematisin the first place is fertilizing and watering. But first, to planting flowers you need to prepare the place. They love slightly acidic and neutral soils.

Depending on ground condition, you will need to apply fertilizers or mineral or organic.

Then prepare a hole 40h40h10sm, and put the sapling and then covered with soil. Planting clematis to a depth of 10cm will keep the roots from frost, and the area of 40×40, allowed to solidify and a well-developed root system.

Deeper planting may result in slower growth or death of the plant.

Periodically, you need to pay attention to shoots, they can not manage to gain a foothold on supports, in this case, you need to help them in this matter( to tie).

Clematis like moist and loose soil, but they do not tolerate damp. Need to water the area around the flowers, not the root, otherwise they can rot.


Plants that grow for more than one season can be watered less frequently, but with plenty of water. As for feeding, 2 times a season would be enough.

For the first time in spring, nitrogen fertilizers, and in the winter phosphorus-potassium.

With good care clematis endures the winter, but it would be better if you hid the plant.

Cut the withered vine (20cm from ground), then backfill with peat and cover with top wooden box, and on top of hollow foliage.

Proper planting and care of clematis will allow you to enjoy the beauty of these flowers.

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