Classification of chain saws for the garden


If you decide to purchase such important equipment like a chainsaw, then in any case should not hurry with his purchase.

After all, it is serious enough, and the wrong choice can lead to very good consequences.

So, before you go to the store, decide what kind of tool you need.

This can be done starting from the classification of chainsaws.

The simplest household chainsaw. If you need equipment for the garden, most of all, you should choose this type. The product has a fairly short bus and low power engine 2.6 HP

However, if all you need is the time to cut branches or small trees, household appliance will suit you perfectly.

Moreover, he has a number of advantages. Models of such type are quite cheap, weigh very little – up to 4 kg, and virtually no space. So this tool you can take with you in the forest and fishing and to the country.

Semi-professional or farmer chainsaw is so called because for the most part is intended for farmers.

It is among them that these products are particularly popular. Bar length in such instrument more than the household, and the motor has power up to 4 HP

Of course, this inventory is much more difficult, but qualitative models of this series allow to perform multiple tasks.

For example, to fell the forest, to prepare for the winter firewood or to dismantle a wooden structure. If you need a tool to cottages and gardens, you should give preference to domestic or semi-professional quality models such as the Husqvarna chainsaw.

There is also a third type – a professional chainsaw. These products are more powerful than their counterparts (about 7 HP), they are more reliable and less whimsical.

Thanks to these features, professional product is ideal for felling trees, when the expected daily work hours.

But for ordinary households, this product is very inconvenient, because it is quite heavy and unwieldy. Besides the price of the saw highest.

Regardless of which kind you prefer, remember that this instrument can not save. Quality thing can’t be cheap.

And, if you buy the handicraft tool of an unknown Chinese brand, then do not expect amazing results.

Much better one time to fork out for the chainsaw high quality and trusted manufacturer, and you will see that it will become your reliable assistant and will last for many years.

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