Clarity (fungus gnats) — how to remove

clarity (grin gnats)

Little fungus gnats or they are called claridy, small flies of the family Diptera.

One of the most ancient and unknown insects, as its dimensions are very small larvae, due to its latent phase difficult.

Has many varieties. In Europe there are about 600 species, but the transport of plants from tropical countries are arriving and new species.

The difference between them at first quite imperceptibly, is determined by a more thorough study.

Scaredy — description

The adult scaredy – midges in black or dark grey, with an elongated body and two transparent wings, although there are wingless species.

Insects lay eggs in moist soil, this environment is most favorable.

Then there are transparent worm-like larvae with a size of several millimeters, which is well visible intestines. For them, the most damning statement from the moist soil.

Fungus gnats can appear not only from the infected ground, but, on arriving in the warm humid climate of the room from the street, once in the storage of vegetables and fruits for the winter, or even from waste food in the bin.

The adult sciarid threat only to those that lay eggs. Harm to plants brought by the larvae, so as to destroy their root system.

Although this occurs most often when a large accumulation of larvae or only certain types of these insects.

Clarity — how to remove

To get rid of sciarids completely is almost impossible. These small insects appear almost immediately if the soil is more humid than necessary.

When a large accumulation of mosquitoes, and therefore multiple larvae, apply special insecticide solution, which is processed by the earth.

You can use the tools from the home kit, the addition of Advil or askofena in water for irrigation (1 tablet per 6 liters of water) will give the same result in the destruction of the larvae.

To prevent the appearance of sciarid you need to carefully care for potted plants to prevent waterlogging of the soil, if it happened, then


opportunity to remove excess water or wait until the ground dries, then gently watered.

It is possible even to get rid of sciarids to use the upper drainage – gravel, coarse sand or fine expanded clay, which quickly dry the top layer of soil, which prevents the oviposition by adult insects or the growth of larvae.

To watch, that did not appear on dead parts of plants and in a timely manner to eliminate them.

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