Cineraria — care at home

Cineraria - care

Excellent decoration of the apartment are plants.

On cold winter evenings «happy eyes» Cineraria hybrid.

If you plant on the windowsill a few varieties, you can enjoy a variety of colors.

When flowering Cineraria, it seems that the flower pot was placed a bouquet of bright blossoms that look like daisies.

But to Cineraria in the home feel comfortable, it must ensure a dignified exit.

Cineraria — care

Home-grown Cineraria from seeds for their active germination requires a large amount of sunlight.

With the bright rays must be scattered. It is especially important that no direct light falls on young sprouts.

Even in winter time try not to keep this flower on the South window sills. Give preference to Windows facing West or East.

Temperature mode

Despite the fact that Cineraria home requires a lot of light, it does not like high temperatures. Therefore, the optimal parameters are within +10 — +15 ° C.

In the summer it is not necessary to keep plant at home – if possible, relocate it outside ( garden or balcony), but avoid drafts.

Humidity and watering

Cineraria care of themselves will always appreciate, presenting exuberant flowering. But it is impossible to prevent the drying of the plant.

Cineraria hybrid has quite a developed system of roots that need plenty of moisture. But to fill the flower should not – wait for the drying of the upper layer of compost.

Humidity is also important for a flower – it does not like drought. But spraying should be «taboo». It is better to place near the container with expanded clay balls.


When grown in the compost Cineraria in the form of dressings is reduced to zero, the substrate itself has enough nutrients. It is desirable that the potted plant was present and peat.


This houseplant can be propagated in two ways: from the collected after flowering, seeds and division of adult Bush. But the second method is acceptable to the flowering period.

To sow seeds throughout the year. It will bloom in 6 months. Once the plant Bud, it is usually thrown away, filling the flower pot such sprouts.


Cineraria at home

Diseases that plants can be avoided if to observe all modes.

For violation of watering can cause the defeat of the fungi.

Then the Cineraria will have to throw early.

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