Chrysanthemums – care at home

Chrysanthemums – care at home

The land owners are sure to find a place to plant a flower bed. And the main plant there is often the chrysanthemum.

They are so beautiful with lush blossoms that breeders raised and home edition plants to admire chrysanthemums could be anyone.

Chrysanthemums – care at home

 Illumination and temperatures

Chrysanthemum is called the plant «short day». The greatest activity of flowering it exhibits closer to the fall, when day length is indeed on the decline.

Plant to feel comfortable at home and in the summer, it should be kept in a darkened windowsills. Although chrysanthemum is not considered shade-loving plants.

Many gardeners since June, transplanted potted chrysanthemum in the open ground in the country. This is allowed, but the place should be chosen such that the flower was always in the shadows. Bright rays of the sun cause the plant disturbances, as well as high temperature.


Comfortable for a maximum of Chrysanthemums in the home +18ºC. After the plant will wither, it is sent to temporary rest, preferably in a cellar where the temperature does not exceed +3°C.

Watering and humidity

Because the chrysanthemum loves the heat, it is necessary during this period to monitor the humidity so the plant doesn’t dry out. Therefore, the flower should be regularly sprayed. At a moderate temperature do not necessarily.

Damp earthy substrate to the owner of the chrysanthemums need to be more careful, not allowing even the slightest drying of the soil. Otherwise the leaves on the stems will wither and the petals fall.

Feeding chrysanthemums

Feed chrysanthemum at home is necessary only in the period of its flowering, to have the strength to budding. A special fertilizer to seek out is not necessary – suitable and mineral complex for houseplants. And while chrysanthemum blooms, fertilize it 1 time in 7 days.


Room option chrysanthemum transplanted into a larger pot according to this scheme: young plants – every year, an adult in a year or two. If the flower Bush landed on the open ground in summer, to put it back in the same capacity.

The handling of the pot in the pot doing in the spring, when the plant already took out of the cellar, and it «woke up». Special requirements to the ground for mums there – you can take a garden plot.

Pests and diseases of chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are often attacked by such pests as thrips, spider mites and aphids. In this case

Chrysanthemums – care at home

the plant should be treated with insecticides.

You can buy drugs factory production. And it is possible to use and folk remedies, spray the Bush with infusion of black henbane, Datura ordinary tobacco or citrus peels.

With Botrytis and powdery mildew on chrysanthemum you can also fight natural compounds: infusion of rotted hay, mullein, marigold or whey.

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