Chrysanthemum in a pot — care in the home


Many fall associated with beautiful lush garden with flowers of different colors growing in the flowerbeds.

Chrysanthemums grown In greenhouses all year round, creating favorable conditions for continuous flowering.

Can this plant be placed in room conditions breeders raised by artificial means home Chrysanthemum.

That’s just bringing this flower to the apartment, you will have to arrange for it’s adaptive quarantine, so the plant could «get used» to the new environment.

The chrysanthemum care Tips

 Vestopolozhenie and lighting

First new tenant in the apartment should be placed away from other plants, as the Chrysanthemum is very capricious to select «neighbors». But she might not want a «girlfriend» for other colors.

Therefore, the potted Chrysanthemum is better to take «their» private area. It needs to be well lit, but most optimal light day for the plants – no more than 8 hours.


As mentioned above, natural Chrysanthemum is a flower of autumn. Therefore, to develop the most comfortable temperature is +18°C. But this does not mean that indoor conditions in summer it does not fit.

Heat a large Chrysanthemum, of course, will carry with difficulty is the optimal heat for flowering +12-15°C. But winter can a plant even at temperatures close to 0°C.

Watering and humidity

In the hot season Mums should be watered regularly, trying to prevent the drying earthen substrate. In winter, watering can be restricted but only if the plant is not in bloom.

To the same humidity of Chrysanthemum is not pretentious. But this does not mean that it does not need to be watered. In the summer you can even arrange flower water treatment under warm rain.


When Chrysanthemum starts to butanedioate, she has to waste their strength on abundant and long blooming. So the plant in this period needs more nutrition.

For feeding Chrysanthemums suit universal fertilizers that are made into flower pot (of course, in a diluted form) on a weekly basis.

Transplantation and propagation

The first 3 years of life Chrysanthemum should be transplanted into a new container every spring. Then it can be done in a year or two. To soil the plant is undemanding, so you can use a normal land with a garden plot.

Propagated Chrysanthemum, like most potted shrubs, by dividing the rhizomes or cutting the cuttings at the time of crown formation. Independently collect seeds for planting Chrysanthemums can not every florist.

Pests and fight with them

With poor care Chrysanthemum can get sick. And then it will become a tasty morsel for various parasites. Least of all can be seen on the plant of spider mites. But the thrips and aphids are a real scourge for the flower.

Attacked by pests of Chrysanthemum are best treated with special insecticide means, while protecting it from other plants.

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